• Sep 19, 2019
Before getting a popugaychik, it is worth thinking: whether he will be able to get on with other inhabitants of the house?

Parrot and children

Many children ask to buy
to them a popugaychik. Especially if witnessed tricks of a tame bird at friends or acquaintances. It can bring benefit: observation of the feathery friend helps to relax, and need to look after him forms responsibility and discipline.

However before getting a bird for the child, weigh all pros and cons.

Children up to 8 years very much appreciate an opportunity to snuggle the favourite, to stroke, take on hands. But it seldom gives pleasure to parrots. Besides they are frightened sharp involuntary movements of small children. As for big parrots (the macaw, жако, a cockatoo), at communication with them needs care — they are capable to show aggression.

Therefore is desirable to get a bird when your child goes at least to the second class. At this age they more consciously approach relationship with animals.

Teach the child to treat the feathery friend correctly.
First of all if it is a parrot, he needs to be tamed. Show to the child as to do it. Then in an open palm of the successor fill a forage and extremely carefully get closer to a bird. It is important to avoid not coordinated, sharp movements.

do not allow roughness in relation to animals. Explain to children that they are the same feeling beings, as well as people.

Is desirable to involve the child in feasible care of the pet. However consider that undertake full responsibility for other living being it can't be ready.

Parrot and other pets

As a rule, birds not bad get on with other pets. An exception — cats and dogs with a strong hunting instinct. It is quite difficult to disaccustom them to hunt birds as hunting — a part of their natural essence. Therefore, in order to avoid a stress at both, it is better not to get a birdie if at you there lives a cat or appearance of a kitten or hunting dog is planned.

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