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At cats puberty comes by 7 — 9 months. However you should not carry out knitting at this age: the organism of a cat is not ready to similar overloads and kittens can be born weakened.

Training of a cat for knitting

can Carry a cat on knitting after she is 1 year old.

it is necessary to be prepared For knitting. Even before hunting carry out vaccination and expulsion of helminths and also be convinced that the cat is completely healthy. It is important to make it in advance: during pregnancy of an inoculation, many antivermicular medicines, means from fleas and the majority of drugs are contraindicated.

the Veterinarian checks a physical condition of an animal. It allows to find in due time violations which can interfere with pairing or normal pregnancy and childbirth.

In 2 — 3 weeks after knitting bring a cat on repeated survey. The veterinarian checks whether she is pregnant, and makes recommendations about leaving.

Diagnostics of pregnancy at a cat

Diagnostics of pregnancy is carried out the next ways:
  1. Palpation (probing) of a stomach. Here experience and extreme care is required. If to carry out a palpation carelessly, it is possible to damage an amniotic cover or fruits. It is fraught with an abortion.
  2. Ultrasonic ekhografiya. It is quite safe method, thanks to it it is possible to watch the pregnancy course on all its extent. For the 20th day it is possible to hear heartbeat of future kittens. Means, they are viable.
  3. X-ray analysis. This method it is not absolutely safe as it is connected with x-ray radiation. The roentgenogram for the 43rd day can already show a fruit skeleton. This method is informative to distinguish true pregnancy from false and piometra. But in the first half of pregnancy it is better to refrain from it.
 Pregnant cat of a photo

the Course of pregnancy at a cat

the Average duration of pregnancy at cats — 9 weeks (+-4 days). Exact term will depend on breed of a cat, quantity of kittens, specific features of future mother and conditions of keeping. If kittens were born before the 60th day, they are considered as premature and often do not survive.

Pregnancy of a cat is divided into trimesters.

Signs of pregnancy
1 — 3 week
there is no
of Strong indications of pregnancy.
By 21st day of a pacifier bulk up and turn pink.
Can conduct the first research (ultrasonic), it will give an idea and of quantity of kittens.
4 — 6 week
Can appear nausea and vomiting in the mornings — it is caused by hormonal changes.
the Cat can refuse food, to look suppressed and oppressed. Be not frightened — in several days this state passes.
the Stomach gradually increases, and from second month grows quickly.
7 — 9 week
Can feel stir of fruits.
In the last 2 weeks a stomach becomes pear-shaped, nipples droop, colostrum appears.
the Cat moves less, eats worse, begins search of a suitable nest.
In 1 week prior to estimated childbirth a cat should be shown to the veterinarian once again. He will explain how childbirth normal proceeds and what to undertake for care of newborns.

Take an interest in
where it is possible to address if there is a need for the emergency help.

pregnancy Pathologies at a cat

Visits to the veterinarian is not luxury. Only the veterinarian can understand that something goes not so and to help your favourite.
Pregnancy can be complicated by the following pathologies:
1. Ektopichesky (extra-uterine) pregnancy. It can be primary (germs develop at once out of a uterus) or secondary (1 or several fruits get into an abdominal cavity owing to a rupture of a wall of a body of a uterus or a horn).
Primary extra-uterine pregnancy is interrupted at an early stage: germs resolve.
Secondary extra-uterine pregnancy arises a consequence of an injury of stomach or insolvency of uterine hems as a result of Cesarean section. Fruits can die or continue to develop.
 Extra-uterine pregnancy at a cat
Symptoms of extra-uterine pregnancy at a cat:
  • "sharp" stomach
  • external or internal bleeding
  • abnormal allocations from a sexual loop
  • if pregnancy full-term – unproductive attempts and fights
  • intoxication
  • shock.
All this
can end with death of a cat.
Diagnostics of extra-uterine pregnancy at a cat is difficult. The X-ray analysis, an ultrasonic or laparoscopic research are applied.
Untimely diagnostics does to
the forecast adverse.
Premature extra-uterine pregnancy is interrupted by artificial abortion. At full-term Cesarean section is applied.
2. Abortion. Pregnancy is interrupted before fruits become mature and capable to life out of mother's womb. At cats fruits consider mature from the 56th day.
Abortions are artificial and spontaneous.
Artificial abortion is the forced termination of pregnancy at the request of the owner or to medical indications. Operation becomes or medicines are applied.
Spontaneous abortion can be done at any stage of pregnancy. Result: a rassasyvaniye of germs (the hidden abortion), death of fruits and their subsequent mummification, maceration, putrefactive decomposition, exile from a uterus of dead or live, but impractical and unripe fruits.
Abortions are full and incomplete.
Complete abortion is a rassasyvaniye of all germs, exile from patrimonial ways of all unripe and/or dead fruits.
Incomplete abortion are rassasyvany parts of embryos and incubation of the others or death and/or exile from a uterus of a part of fruits while others are born in time and also a delay of all or parts of dead fruits in a uterus.
cannot Stop the begun abortion. Everything that can be made, it to watch a cat and if it is necessary, to apply antibiotics. If in a uterus there were dead fruits, medicines which stimulate reductions of a uterus are appointed. If medicines do not help or their appointment is dangerous, fruits are taken from a uterus by means of operation.
3. Perenoshenny pregnancy. At cats pregnancy is considered perenoshenny if childbirth does not occur even for the 71st day. As a rule, fruits in this case the dead, are observed allocations from a sexual crack.
If is timely to help a cat, the forecast, as a rule, favorable.
Most often apply operation (Cesarean section, an extirpation of a pregnant uterus) as it is more reliable and safer than drug treatment.
4. Twisting of a uterus. As a rule, to it gives falling, the sharp movement or a jump of a pregnant cat in the second half of pregnancy.
Symptoms: concern, discomfort. In hard cases septic shock and death of a cat is possible. But at timely assistance the forecast favorable.
Treatment, as a rule, includes operation: Cesarean section or removal of a uterus.

Training of a cat for childbirth

Prepare for
a spacious box. It has to be closed from above. At the level of a cat's breast the entrance has to be located.
On a bottom put paper (many layers) or disposable children's sheets.
Can use a cat's lodge, but its bottom needs also to be prepared as appropriate.
Rodzal has to be silent and warm. Do not allow other pets and children there.
Cook food, water and a garbage can.
will Also be necessary for you:
  • phone number of the veterinarian
  • surgical gloves
  • clean scissors
  • a box for kittens
  • hot-water bottle
  • pipette
  • gel-lubricant or vaseline
  • antiseptics
  • thread.

Rhoda of a cat

As a rule, undergo childbirth quickly enough. Watch a cat to do not pass the beginning.
Signs of the coming childbirth:
  1. the Cat worries, licks genitals and a stomach, rushes about.
  2. Breath of an animal becomes heavier and frequent.
  3. Body temperature (rectal) of future mother falls lower than 37 degrees. It is normal, do not worry.
  4. genitals Bulk up, emergence of allocations (light brown or pink color) is possible.
  5. Inflow of a moloziva causes swelling of mammary glands.

Stage of genus of a cat



of the Fight, an attempt which "push" a fruit on patrimonial ways.


Birth of kittens.

In the beginning from an amniotic bubble liquid flows, then a part of a fruit appears. As a rule, the kitten lies the head to an exit, but can move ahead back legs is not pathology.

Sometimes the kitten is born in a bubble.

Normal childbirth: the kitten appears, mother releases him from a bubble, licks, peregryzat an umbilical cord, the newborn breathes and some time shouts, then begins to suck.

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