• Dec 17, 2018

It is considered div that cats have ability to save people from diseases. But sometimes pets need medical care. When at a cat red eyes, it is worth checking the state of health of an animal. Such syndrome can be followed by release of slime. Serious complications can arise if in time not to have examination at the veterinarian and not to begin treatment.

Red eyes at a cat

of the Reason of a problem

the Started form of any disease which is followed by redness of eyeballs, can cause a total blindness of a cat.

Therefore it is better not to risk health of the favourite and at the first symptoms to show it to the veterinarian.

Among common causes there are reddenings:

At a Cat Red Eye

Features Treatment of Sight at Cats

  1. Blepharitis. At this disease there is an inflammation of a century. Most often arises under the influence of allergens or an irritant. At the same time the eyelid strongly swells up, an eye at a cat becomes red. It is not necessary to do serious operations at the same time. For treatment use antifungal medicines, antibiotics in drops and the therapeutic procedures helping to get rid of the prime cause.
  2. Gland prolapse. There is a red hematoma in protein, on appearance similar to cherry. Is removed by a surgical method.
  3. Crystalline lens dislocation. Is congenital and acquired. Pathology is characterized by crystalline lens shift in relation to normal situation. The iris receives abnormal appearance. Apply surgical approach to treatment.
  4. Glaucoma. The disease arises under the influence of high intraocular pressure. It is considered one of the most common causes of reddening of whites of the eyes. The disease can also be revealed on a swelling of a century and the increased vessels. At the same time pupils cease to react to irritation light. Glaucoma do not treat. At it it is important to find and remove the main cause of its emergence.
  5. Gifema. At pathology blood gets to the front camera of an eyeball. It causes change of quality of sight of an animal. Therapy consists in disposal of the main reason. The veterinarian appoints anti-inflammatory drops which promote expansion of pupils.
  6. Conjunctivitis. The reason consists in inflammation of a conjunctiva. The main symptoms — release of slime. Quite often arises at cats. It is treated by antibacterial drops.
  7. Tumor of an eye or century. Arises not only at adult individuals, but also at kittens. Fight against it by a surgical method, in the started forms apply radiotheraphy.
  8. Foreign matter. Can get both in an organ of vision, and on its surface. At cats I begin to water eyes. An object can be considered without use of special devices. It is taken then apply drops with an antibiotic.
  9. Proptoz. Arises because of injuries of mucous. The eyeball begins to stick out from an eye-socket. It is possible to correct defect by means of operation. In rare instances full removal of body is required.
  10. Uveit. Is a frequent disease. At it inflammation of an iris is observed. Is followed by a photophobia, change of color of an iris on red, dacryagogue, a swelling and turbidity of a cornea. It is treated by medicines of anti-inflammatory action.
  11. Cornea ulcer. Strong indications of a disease can and be not noticed. Treat symptoms: prishchurivaniye, reddening and dacryagogue. At first use drops with an antibiotic. If such method does not help, then resort to operation.
  12. Keratit. It is characterized by defeat of a cornea, a cataract and purulent allocations. For treatment it is regularly necessary to wash out eyes and to dig in an antibiotic in drops.
  13. Keratokonjyunktivit. Mucous there are not enough plaintive allocations. It is possible to correct a problem use of the drops created for increase in secretion from an organ of vision.

To understand why at a cat red eyes, independently difficult. In clinic the veterinarian will carry out all necessary inspections which will help to pick up the correct treatment. Most often register drops of various action.

It is impossible to bring an animal to appointment sometimes. In such cases is recommended to use a special collar which will not allow a cat to touch eyes paws. At the same time purulent allocations need to be removed by means of a wadded disk, to wash organs of vision with clear water.

Preventive measures

Nobody can be insured from problems with sight. It can reduce risks of developing of diseases of organs of vision at animals to the person. Is rather correct to look after a mucous membrane that at a cat an eye did not redden. It is simple to do it if to know some rules.

Principles of the correct care of an organ of vision of an animal:

Why at a Cat a Red Eye

  1. Regularly to remove allocations which save in corners of eyes. It will protect mucous from reproduction of pathogenic bacteria which cause development of many diseases.
  2. To wash a cat and to use insecticides if there is a need. It is important that during the procedure water and medicine did not get on mucous an eye.
  3. To watch that wool did not climb in eyes to the pet. Hairs are capable to break integrity of mucous. From it it reddens and waters. In such cases it is necessary to cut wool, especially if a cat long-haired.
  4. To clean a zone around eyes the wadded disks or sticks moistened in broth of a camomile or special solution. Every week to remove mucous traces on a hair.

It is necessary to carry out any manipulations on care of an animal extremely accurately. At the careless movement it is possible to damage mucous or to scratch a cornea. If it is correct to make everything, then it is possible to be sure that eyes of a cat are protected from problems.

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