• Sep 19, 2019
Before getting a bird, think over what measures you can take to ensure safety of a parrot of the house .
Many ordinary things in our house conceal danger of death to the feathery friend. These are electric devices, aquariums, gas stoves, poisonous plants, open window leaves, niches behind cases … You will not list everything.
Some owners to ensure safety of a parrot of the house, clip it wings. It gives the chance to a bird to make only small flights within the room.
However cannot call this method a panacea in any way. The clipped wings do not prevent a parrot to flutter out in a window at all, to fly on the fan, to drown in a bathtub or to burn near a plate.
Besides, many consider this method inhumane.

Certainly, it is almost impossible to foresee everything on light, however to reduce risk — in your forces.

Necessary security measures of a parrot of the house:
  1. If the bird flies about the room, hold windows closed or protect them grids through which the pet will not get. If the window is opened in inclined situation, check whether your feathery friend got stuck there.
  2. It is desirable to hang up on windows of a curtain or at least to mark glass (for example, points) that the bird accidentally did not fly on a window and did not hurt.
  3. Surely close a door to the bathroom, a toilet and on kitchen.
  4. do not turn on the fan if the parrot enjoys freedom.
  5. you Watch that the bird was not in one room with fire source (a plate, a fireplace or candles).
  6. Close an aquarium cover.
  7. Remove sharp objects about which the pet can be wounded from the room.
  8. Remove a cable under a carpet or for a plinth. At the same time offer the pet of a branch for a razgryzaniye that it had no temptation "to pick" wires.
  9. Close up all cracks into which the parrot can get, or expand them so that he could get out from there freely.
  10. Closing a door or a box of a table, be convinced that there is no bird and you do not pinch her.
  11. you Watch that in the house there were no plants, poisonous for the feathery friend. And not only houseplants, but also bouquets brought to the house can be deadly.

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