• Dec 7, 2018

the Liver — body on which work the condition of all organism depends. Lipidoz of a liver at cats call also fatty gepatoz, a hepatic vakuolization, a vakuolny degeneration. At this disease there is a regeneration of fabrics. Cells of a liver are replaced with fatty capsules that leads to violation of functions of body and increase of a liver failure.

Lipidoz of a Liver at Cats

of the Reason, causing pathology

Specifics of a disease such is that in half of cases doctors do not manage to establish its true reason. The diagnosis in this case sounds as "idiopathic липидоз". Severe intoxication, parasitic diseases, a cancer tumor can provoke pathology. In recent years doctors revealed interrelation of a fatty gepatoz with the following deviations in an organism:

  • diabetes;
  • diseases of an urinogenital system;
  • frequent respiratory infections;
  • failures in work of a pancreas;
  • heart troubles;
  • гипертиреоз.

Autoimmune violations and excess weight increase risk of emergence of a lipidoz. Also postponed stress can give start to a disease. This unreliable improper treatment with an animal. the Stressful factor can become sharp change of a habitual forage , exacerbation of other disease, moving to other dwelling, emergence in the house of the new family member or one more pet.

Symptoms of a lipidoz of a liver

Signs of a Lipidoz of a Liver at Cats

Symptoms of this disease accrue gradually , owners notice them not at once. At a cat the appetite worsens, she becomes sluggish and indifferent to everything. The condition of skin worsens, wool becomes dim, the pet in general looks painful. On reception to the expert animals with a fatty gepatoz often get in very depleted state.

It is especially difficult to notice extreme degree of leanness at those cats whose outlines of a body are hidden under fluffy wool. It is possible to define weight loss only having felt them. The animal with a fatty gepatoz has a hollow stomach, the acting edges and vertebras. The cat can refuse completely food, show signs of the fading consciousness, almost not react on people around.

Lipidoz at cats often is followed by vomiting, symptoms of dehydration and symptoms of jaundice. The yellowness is especially noticeable around mucous a mouth. On this background encephalopathy, neurologic violations can develop. A result of such state it becomes inevitable a hepatic coma and death.

At the started stage of a lipidoz of a liver at cats symptoms and treatment require close attention, only in this case there is a hope to avoid loss of the pet.

diagnostics Methods

How to Treat Lipidoz a Liver at Cats

Originally the doctor collects the anamnesis and gets acquainted with the clinical record. Suspicions on a fatty lipidoz can arise in case at a cat the excess weight or, on the contrary, exhaustion (in the started cases), slackness and other characteristic symptoms. When probing the expert can find increase in a liver.

Terrible sign is jaundice though she not always points to fatty hepatic гепатоз, but precisely signals about serious problems with body. Laboratory diagnostics is important. The doctor pays attention to biochemical indicators of blood, concentration of bilirubin, hepatic enzymes and aminotransferases. At a liver vakuolization their quantity is usually increased.

In frequent cases at animals anemia develops, contents in an organism of nitrogenous connections and cholesterol increases that is also confirmed by analyses. At diagnosis such methods as a X-ray analysis and ultrasonography are used. With their help it is possible to reveal increase in the sizes of a liver, a deviation in its structure.

The most exact research is the biopsy. The procedure is carried out under anesthetic, during it by means of a special needle the small piece of a liver which then is investigated under a microscope undertakes. The diagnosis will be considered confirmed if instead of hepatocytes in the studied fabric a large number of fatty cages is found.

Treatment of a disease

Diagnosis of a Disease at Cats

At a liver lipidoza at cats treatment is directed to stay of a disease. Completely it is impossible to save from it an animal, but quite really to increase quality of life of the pet. An important role in suspension of pathological process is played by a reduced-protein diet.

In the started cases parenteral food is appointed at which nutrients enter directly into blood especially as at this stage of a disease the cat all the same has no appetite. It is necessary to support an organism through a vein for 4−6 weeks. Food can be also entered into a gullet through a special tubule.

If the animal has symptoms of intoxication and dehydration, which move through a dropper in addition use physical solution, glucose, Ringera solution. The complex of polyvitamins of medicines is surely appointed. Especially important that B1 vitamin came to an organism of a sick animal.

To improve work of a gastrointestinal tract and to take bodies of a GIT, the doctor can appoint:

  • Зантаг or Tagamet. Both medicines promote healing of ulcer educations.
  • Metoklopramid. Medicine prevents vomiting, improves an intestines vermicular movement.
  • Neomycinum. It is applied when developing hepatic encephalopathy.

Because at a fatty gepatoz the immunity decreases, purpose of antibacterial therapy can be necessary. About need of its application the doctor solves.

Symptoms of a Lipidoz of a Liver at Cats

It is impossible to call the forecast of a disease safe. Even at in due time carried out treatment a third of sick animals dies. Those who survived are expected by the long recovery period (several months). Changes of a liver at this disease are already irreversible. It is the best of all to direct forces to prevention of a fatty gepatoz.

The pet needs to be fed with the full-fledged balanced forage, to give it vitamin medicines, to support normal body weight. Cats with obesity need to pay special attention, to regularly bring them on survey to veterinary clinic.

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