• Aug 27, 2019

What is an allergy at a dog

the Allergy is the "wrong", overreaction of the immune system of the person or an animal to some substances. In the majority we deal with hereditary predisposition. If at ordinary people or animals these substances are just removed from an organism, at allergic persons inflammatory process develops.

the Allergy is specific, i.e. it is "answer" to certain substances and usually poorly depends on amount of this substance. If it is food allergy, then rather tiny piece to start process.

3 types of an allergy are most widespread Among dogs:
  1. Food
  2. On substances of the external environment
  3. On saliva of fleas
Unfortunately, the initial stage of an allergy at dogs often passes unnoticed. And further it can cause complications. When the amount of allergen in an organism reaches the maximum quantity, symptoms appear.

allergy Symptoms at a dog

As a rule, symptoms of an allergy are similar at all animals. The most widespread:

  1. Strong dryness of skin.
  2. Itch.
  3. Dandruff.
  4. the Unpleasant smell from wool.
  5. wool Loss.
  6. Redness, pour to areas of ears.
  7. Reddening of eyes.
  8. Quincke's edema.
  9. Anaphylactic shock.
If the speech about food allergy at a dog, then are possible also diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. But first of all the most severe itch is always shown. The dog scratches, worries. Then there are also other signs.
As soon as a dog began to scratch, it needs to be shown to the veterinarian! Only this way it is possible to avoid complications.

Are possible hereditary manifestations of allergic reactions. At animals it is called "atopiya". There are breeds which are most predisposed to an allergy (for example, terriers, dalmatians, boxers and some other).

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