• Sep 17, 2019
of Many owners concerns a question how to distinguish symptoms of the fact that there was infection with an ear tick at a cat and whether it is possible to cure a disease in house conditions. Let's try to understand.
On a photo: an ear tick at a cat

What is an ear tick and where he lives

the Ear tick (scientifically otodektos cynotis) is a cause of illness of cats (more rare — other pets) an infectious otodektoz. The disease is accompanied by constant discomfort and is extremely infectious.
As a rule, ear pincers at cats make habitable acoustical pass, an external part of a sink, an eardrum. Sometimes it is possible to welcome the uninvited guest and on the head of an animal, but ears — the favourite place as ear sulfur – nutrient medium both for an adult parasite, and for the larva which just hatched from egg.
Ear pincers are ordinary-looking organisms of pale yellow color from 0.2 to 0.7 mm in size. But it is impossible to see them without special optical devices most often.
If for an ear tick at cats favorable conditions are created, the parasitizing colony causes ear itch (sharp отодектоз). It is rather unpleasant, and besides, reduces protective reaction of an organism, leads to damage of internals.
As a rule, get sick kittens till 1 year, is more rare — adult animals.

Ways of infection of cats with an ear tick

the Disease is extremely infectious.

the Healthy cat catches from the patient. The domestic cat can catch also through the infected rugs or ware.

Symptoms of infection with an ear tick at a cat

  1. In an ear the small krupyanisty black raid appears: it is mix of sulfur, allocations of parasites and blood of a cat.
  2. the Cat is nervous, kind of shakes something from the head, tries to get a pad to ear pass, till it bleeds scratches an ear, rubs the head about furniture.
  3. the unpleasant smell Appears.
  4. From ears brown liquid is emitted.
  5. hearing Worsens (and vanishes in hard cases).
  6. body temperature Sometimes increases.

Treatment of infection with an ear tick at cats

Though is not really big the probability of infection of other animals, besides cats, in case of detection of a parasite at one pet treat all quadrupeds living in the house.

For extermination of a parasite are used medicines on the basis of insecticides. However they are powerless against the laid eggs therefore the course of treatment lasts three weeks: this period takes all life cycle of pincers.

the Special drops containing an antibiotic destroy both eggs, and adult parasites. To lower discomfort for a cat, it is better to warm up drops slightly. Before digging medicine, surely clean an ear from the dried-up crusts and purulent allocations. The wadded tampon moistened with special lotion is for this purpose used. After burying medicine ears are slightly massed at the basis.

If treatment is prescribed not only cats, but also dogs living in the same house, remember that dogs can have an intolerance of an invermektin. The medicines supporting him it is also impossible to treat small animals. Therefore surely read the instruction before use of any medicine.

Happen drugs in the form of aerosols or ointments. Ointment the special pallet is imposed in an ear, and then the ear is slightly massed. Spray is evenly sprayed on the internal surface of ears.

Is drops which apply on withers — these medicines are effective not only against pincers, but also against fleas.

Are available folk remedies of treatment of infection with an ear tick for cats :
  1. Leaves of green tea (1 tablespoon) are filled in with boiled water (1 cup). Insist 5 minutes and after cooling dig in in ears every day within 1 month.
  2. Garlic is drawn on oil (almond, olive, sunflower) by day. Then daily dig in in ears.
  3. Green leaves and stalks of a celandine are processed on the meat grinder, juice is squeezed out of them. 2 times a day are dug in in each ear 2 drops.
  4. 1 part of spirit solution of iodine is mixed with 4 parts of vegetable oil or glycerin. Then once a day process an internal cavity of an ear.
process of treatment of infection with an ear tick at cats is simple therefore it can quite be carried out in house conditions. The main thing — not to start a disease and at the first signs to address the veterinarian.

After a course of treatment surely carry out damp cleaning that the pincers expelled from the infected animals did not creep on healthy.

is not proved that the ear tick can be given to the person therefore it is possible not to worry about own health.

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