• Dec 6, 2018

For treatment of various internal and external parasites often apply medicine to animals Ivermek. It shows good results in fight against many types of arthropods: fleas, louses, ticks, gadflies, meat flies and mosquitoes. However at the wrong use or non-compliance with rules of precaution it is medicine can result in quite serious side effects.

Medicine for Animals Ivermek

Structure and form of release

Medicine Ivermek for Animals

The only form of release Ivermeka — solution for injections. Medicine represents the transparent liquid without color (is allowed a subtle light yellow shade) possessing an almost inaudible specific smell. It is packaged in the glass flasks from 1 to 500 ml or plastic bottles containing 400, 500 or 1000 ml of substance. Bottles with a capacity of 1 ml sell in the cardboard boxes numbering 50 pieces. Other forms of medicine are released in one small bottle on packing.

Each flask with medicine has to be tight and sterile. Structure of 1 ml of medicine is as follows:

  • active agent — ивермектин in number of 10 mg;
  • tocopherol the acetate also known as vitamin E — 40 mg;
  • the distilled water;
  • dimethylacetamide;
  • polietilenglikol-660-hydroxystearate;
  • фенилкарбинол (E1519 nutritional supplement).

All cardboard packs and bottles with medicine have to contain its name, the description of the main properties and also the instruction on the fact that solution has to be applied only for animals. In addition, the producer surely puts the instruction for application to them.

of Property and effects

Ivermek carry to antiparasitic means. In the recommended doses he quickly is soaked up in blood and carried on all body tissues, making complex impact on bodies of an animal. Its main component ивермектин has ability to stimulate production of gamma aminobutyric acid which is a strong neurotransmitter of braking.

Pricks Ivermek Medicine

Medicine influences chlorine ions, allowing them to get freely through a protective membrane of parasites and to influence their muscle and nervous fibers. It leads to signaling violation, paralysis and eventually death of pathogenic life forms. Medicine is equally effective as against the parasites affecting internals and in fight against the bloodsuckers and vlasoyeda living on skin of an animal.

of the Indication to medicine

In veterinary science Ivermek apply on his direct appointment — as universal remedy against various parasitic invasions. He is effective both for treatment of KRS (cattle), and for fight against diseases at pack and riding animals and also at cats, dogs, rabbits and poultry. it can be appointed at the following diagnoses:

Ivermek the instruction for application in veterinary science

  • nematodoza are various diseases caused by roundworms;
  • a hypodermatosis, эстроз, гастрофилёз and other diseases provoked by larvae of a gadfly;
  • herpeses at cats and dogs;
  • демодекоз, саркоптоз and other defeats of animals pincers;
  • fleas and pediculosis;
  • parasitic colitis;
  • infection with worms of different types.

Medicine equally well affects any parasites and brings them out of all bodies and animal tissues. It can also be applied to fight against the padalny and meat flies bothering to the cattle and carrying various diseases.

Instruction for application

Ivermek for animals it is necessary to enter into an organism by an intramuscular injection. At the same time it is worth taking care of observance of rules of hygiene and not to allow infection of the formed wound. Cats and dogs need to give Ivermek's injections to the area of withers or between shovels, and to cows, sheep and an other cattle — in a neck or a croup. To pigs and pigs sometimes enter an injection into hip inside.

Dosages pay off thus:


  • large and to small cattle, horses, camels and deer need to enter 1 ml of medicine on 50 kg of weight;
  • to pigs give an injection from 1 mg of an injection on 33 kg of mass of an animal;
  • to cats, dogs, rabbits, hens and other poultry enter 0.2 ml of medicine on 10 kg of weight if substances it is not enough and to stick it dilution of solution the clear distilled water is difficult, admissible.

If the animal needs to enter more than 10 mg of medicine, several pricks in different parts of a body are required — otherwise undesirable reactions can develop. Is carried out an injection one-time , in case of insufficient effect at serious parasitic invasions perhaps repeated application of the vetpreparat through 7 — 10 days.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects at such medicine as Ivermek arise seldom. Usually it occurs at non-compliance with a dosage or development in animal allergic reactions. At animals the hyperactivity or, on the contrary, slackness, apathy and depression can be observed.

Ivermek Medicine

Urination and defecation can become frequent, to begin the involuntary raised salivation, to arise disorder of digestion or an ataxy. At calfs slight increase of body temperature is sometimes observed.

Usually symptoms pass within 1 — 3 days without external intervention. If it did not occur, the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian for purpose of symptomatic therapy and selection of other antiparasitic medicine with different structure.

Some animals cannot appoint this veterinary means. Among them:

Medicine ивермек

  • females during pregnancy;
  • individuals with the weakened organism — for example, as a result of exhaustion or recently postponed disease;
  • animals with infectious diseases;
  • the having allergy to medicine or any of its components.

The same contraindications are available for all drugs on the basis of the involved active component. Ivermezol, Ivermin, Ivomek Iverlik and others treat them.

Special instructions

It is very undesirable to apply this medicine to treatment of dogs of breeds a collie, a bobtail and the Shetland sheep-dog. At them the intolerance with serious consequences very often develops up to a lethal outcome.

Ivermek the Instruction for Application for Animals

The meat received from the animals processed by Ivermek, milk and eggs are suitable in food only since 28 in the afternoon after a prick. Products of metabolism of the operating components are removed with urine and bile, but in the period of a lactation also get to breast milk therefore to milk the females who received a dose and to allow them to feed calfs it is impossible.

Medicine is carried to a class of moderately dangerous substances therefore with it it is necessary to follow carefully precautionary measures and rules of hygiene. Empty bottles from under it need to be utilized correctly, previously having secured by means of boiling within one hour or by processing by the autoclave. At infection with substance of any site it is necessary to process it five-percent solution of sodium hydroxide.

It is necessary to store Ivermek at a temperature from 0 to 25 °C. It needs to be protected from influence of moisture and sunshine and also to watch that medicine was not used accidentally by children or animals. A medicine expiration date — 2 years, but when opening a bottle it is possible to apply its contents only within 24 days.

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