• Dec 12, 2018

the Disease "pancreatitis" at cats occurs seldom — approximately in one of one hundred. After primary survey the experienced veterinarian can make the diagnosis. But for certain it is difficult to confirm or disprove it — only during surgical intervention or when opening. To do not pass the main symptoms and that cats had a timely treatment of pancreatitis, it is necessary to show consideration for changes in behavior of animals.

The Main Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatitis at Cats

Types and reasons

The kind of a disease is estimated on two signs: to a form and look.

disease Forms:

  • Primary. Arises because of direct injury of a pancreas (a consequence of intake of medicines, bruises, surgical interventions).
  • Secondary. Can appear as a result of the postponed other disease or as its omen; because of the wrong location of the next bodies.

Main types of pancreatitis at cats two:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

At sharp pancreatitis at the pet sharp deterioration in health is observed. If at once to see a doctor, then treatment will be fast and successful.

Because of the hidden symptoms at a chronic look owners long time do not guess a disease of an animal. Irreversible destructive process in internals is a consequence that accompanies development of diabetes.

Reasons of development of pancreatitis in cats:

Symptoms of Pancreatitis at Cats

  • injuries of an abdominal cavity (as a result of ill treatment, the undergone operation, bruises);
  • congenital abnormal form of body;
  • improper feeding — a large number of smoked, sharp, fat products, sharp transition to a new type of a forage, overfeeding;
  • poisoning (accidental hit in a stomach of an animal of stale products, alcohol, household chemicals, pesticides);
  • side effects after intake of medicines — antibiotics, diuretic and hormonal means;
  • excess of calcium in an organism;
  • associated diseases (digestive tract, parasitic, fungal, infectious, oncological, diabetes).

Symptoms and inspection

Scientists claim that some cat breeds have tendency to pancreatitis — balineziysky, Siamese, Thai, oriental. Therefore owners of these pets should show consideration very much for emergence at least of one of symptoms of a disease of a pancreas.

Main symptoms of sharp pancreatitis:

Treatment of Domestic Cats

  • Vomiting. Almost continuous, even on an empty stomach.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Temperature increase of a body.
  • Tachycardia.
  • A firm stomach which it is difficult to touch — the cat shows concern and aggression.
  • Organism dehydration — apathy, dryness of skin, dimness of wool.
  • Yellowness mucous an eye (if bilious channels are struck).

In what ways to treat pancreatitis at cats

At a chronic type of pancreatitis signs differ a little:

  • vomiting is not constant, but periodic;
  • irregular chair, frequent lock or diarrhea;
  • loss of appetite and considerable loss of weight;
  • the disease can proceed without temperature increase.

When diagnosing pancreatitis the doctor performs primary inspection and can appoint ultrasonography which will give the chance to find inflammations and changes of a pancreas.

Types of analyses for definition of a clinical picture of a disease:

  • biochemical;
  • urine and blood;
  • calla.

The results of analyses confirming the diagnosis:

  • the increased content in blood of calcium, amylase, a lipase;
  • high rates of leukocytes and glucose;
  • excess fat and undigested particles of food in excrements.

Treatment and prevention

After establishment of the diagnosis the doctor makes the decision on surgical intervention or appoints medicines and a diet.

Medicamentous therapy

Treatment is carried out in a complex at once in several directions:

Food of Cats at Pancreatitis

  • Fight against dehydration. To an animal put droppers with salt solution (Trisol, Ringer, physical solution, Atsesol). In hard cases freshly frozen plasma will be required.
  • Elimination of vomiting. It is carried out by means of periodic injections. Turning grays (once a day), Zofran (time at 12 o'clock), Tserukal will approach (3 times at 24 o'clock).
  • Anesthesia. Many analgetics recommended for other animals are strictly forbidden cats as can cause deterioration in health and lead to other serious diseases as, for example, a renal failure or by a lethal outcome. Therefore in each case only the expert has to carry out the choice of a spazmalgetik. At pancreatitis for removal of symptoms of an acute pain at cats Butorfanol, Nalbufin, Nimegezik often use. Popular Baralgin and No-shpa do not provide removal of painful symptoms.
  • Protection mucous intestinal path. Medicines Fosfalyugel, Ranitidin, Omeprazol approach.

In addition, for improvement of digestion at suspicion of an infection, contamination by parasites anti-inflammatory, anthelminthic means or antibiotics (Tsefazolin, Sinuloks) can be appointed.

With extra care it is necessary to treat glucose. At sharp pancreatitis it is appointed intravenously. If at an animal diabetes — introduction of this medicine to an organism leads to falling into the pet's coma.

Widespread mistakes at drug treatment:

  • replacement of the medicines registered by the expert by analogs;
  • excess of a dosage.

Attention — to food

What It Is Impossible to Feed Cats at Pancreatitis with

During fight against disease symptoms, the animal needs to keep to a diet. If the cat is not exhausted, it is desirable not to give her food within a day. At the same time at dystrophy it is contraindicated. The period of starvation has to last anyway no more than two days, otherwise will arise липидоз a liver. Further in gradually small portions enter water and liquid food (broths, puree). It is possible to return to usual feeding only through a long period.

Rules of feeding of cats at pancreatitis:

  • Drink or food have to be slightly warm.
  • Water — fresh, filtered. To give to drink to an animal as often as possible small doses.
  • Introduction of new products to the menu — gradually, no more than one in day.
  • At return of symptoms — conversion to water or broth and an urgent call of the expert.

Diseases of Cats

Constant control over the pet's weight is necessary. It is better to hide houseplants — leaves of many of them are toxic. The systematic use in food leads them to destruction of a liver and pancreatitis.

In spite of the fact that after a while it will become easier for the pet, some products cannot be included in his diet still long time. They can provoke not only return of a disease, but also a lethal outcome.

The forbidden products:

  • fat food (fish, milk, meat);
  • fried, tinned, salty food;
  • sour-milk cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, cheese;
  • heavy forage (boiled eggs, cabbage, corn, crude fruit and vegetables).

Symptoms of a Disease of Cats

Preference needs to be given to low-fat fish and meat, steam omelet, skim cheese (in the last days of a diet).

Prevention of pancreatitis at cats is simple — regular survey of an animal at the veterinarian, timely expulsion of helminths and vaccination. Upon purchase of a dry feed it is necessary to find time for studying of structure and to be convinced in presence at the seller of the certificate of quality.

You should not underestimate pancreatitis at cats — because of in time not revealed symptoms one of ten sick animals perishes.

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