• Sep 19, 2019
of Popugaychiki as well as we, are subject to a stress. And it is important to each owner to know what is the reason of a stress at a parrot and how to prevent a stress.

the stress Reasons at a parrot

  1. Sharp change of conditions of keeping.
  2. Improper microclimate.
  3. Frequent or sharp change of a diet, starvation.
  4. Close cage.
  5. Sudden bright light or loud noise.
  6. Unexpected catching.
  7. Intense relations with other birds.

How to prevent a stress at a parrot

Well tamed, adult parrots already adapted to life in family and seldom suffer from a stress. However anyway it is worth following rules of communication with the pet.

First of all, explain to members of household (especially to children) that near a popugaychik sharp movements, noise and vanity are inadmissible, it is impossible to be enough sharply a bird — all this can cause a stress in a parrot.

you watch closely behavior of the feathery friend, note how it reacts to these or those irritants and eliminate everything that badly influences his mood and health.

If a parrot does not get on with neighbors, it is better to seat them on different cages. In general, you should not support many birds in one cage.

If a bird got used to loneliness and not bad feels, you should not settle to it neighbors or to move it in the company.

Be careful
during nesting and cultivation of posterity, do not frighten a female. Even cleaning in a cage during this period should be made most carefully and only in urgent cases.

Avoid sharp changes of a diet. If you do it, then you enter innovations gradually and attentively monitor reaction of a bird.

you Watch that the popugaychik had a forage and fresh water.

Acquiring new stock, choose that which will resemble old by the size, color and a form. It is better to place new things in a cage on one, at the same time old remove in couple of days.

of Change time are necessary, however they have to occur gradually and smoothly.

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