• Sep 18, 2019

Trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses result from obstruction by emboli or blood clots of bryzheechny arteries.

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the Reasons of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses

An immediate cause of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses – formation of aneurysm of a front bryzheechny artery and a zatok of emboli in intestines vessels with blood current.

And formation of aneurysm is connected with activity of larvae of a nematode of Delafondia vulgaris which damage walls of vessels.

Also this kind of gripes at horses is often connected with hard work (jumps, races, etc.)

Symptoms of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses

Symptoms of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses can be different, depending on the size of the corked vessels and the size of emboli.

At an easy form of gripes the following symptoms are observed:

  1. concern Attacks which, however, quickly pass.
  2. Increase of excrements.
  3. Strengthening of a vermicular movement.

If gripes of average weight, symptoms following:

  1. Concern strong, and it increases.
  2. Pulse is speeded up, gradually weakens.
  3. In excrements impurity of bloody liquid are sometimes noticeable.
  4. the Fever which is (moderately expressed).

Symptoms of a severe form of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses:

  1. the Horse worries all the time.
  2. Decline of warm activity.
  3. intestines Swelling.
  4. Paralysis.

The disease can last of 1 day (at an easy form), and more than 3 days, everything depends on how peritonitis quickly develops.

the Forecast at trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses

If gripes benign, then the horse ceases to worry in 7 – 9 hours, and most often in a day recovers.

However the severe form can proceed more than 3 days and comes to an end with the death of a horse.

Treatment of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses

The main thing at treatment of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses – as soon as possible to restore collateral blood circulation.

It is also useful to inject the drugs calming a horse and anticoagulants.

If you noticed the guarding symptoms, as soon as possible contact the veterinarian and strictly implement his recommendations!

Prevention of trombo-embolichesky gripes at horses

  1. Regular expulsion of helminths of horses.
  2. Dispensing of loadings.

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