• May 25, 2018

the different reasons can lead the speech To wounds or scabs on a nose of the fluffy favourite: allergy, infection or dermatitis. Independently it is not possible to define the exact diagnosis, for this purpose it will be required to take scrape and to carry out its analysis.

Mechanical injuries

One of common causes of emergence of crusts on a cat's nose usual home accidents are. If scabs have more expressed color: brown or black, perhaps it is about fungal infections or inflammation in a nose or a throat of an animal, or manifestation of an allergy.

We treat houses: crusts on a nose

The nose of a healthy animal has to be slightly damp therefore any damage to this area will heal not really quickly as will normally not dry up. If the owner of a murlyka is sure that the wound developed only because of mechanical blow, then it is possible to accelerate process of recovery of the pet a little. For this purpose it is enough to process the damaged place on a nose an anti-septic tank from time to time, thus, repeated infection will be excluded and the wound will begin to heal quicker and the crust will fall off itself through some time after the beginning of procedures.

We treat houses: crusts on a nose

So the scabs which arose owing to mechanical injuries should not cause concerns even if not to resort to treatment, healing will take place in the natural way quickly enough, the crust will disappear independently and tissues of a nose regenerate in a former state. The help to a cat will be required if erosion do not want to heal in any way, and there are becoming wet wounds, then it is necessary to resort to antiseptics, or scabs block airways and prevent normal breath of an animal.

of the Disease of infectious character

Not healing scabs of black color on a nose of the pet indicate long time presence of diseases of infectious character. In this case also additional symptoms can be shown:

  1. Otitis
  2. Conjunctivitis
  3. Allocations from a nose
  4. General sluggish state
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Excessive drowsiness
  7. Continuous sneezing

In general anyway the refusal of food and an apathetic condition of the pet have to cause vigilance. In some cases infections can be followed by a diarrhea, vomiting and the general dehydration.

It is possible to prevent developing of infectious diseases in advance having done to an animal the recommended vaccination. Believe, crusts on a nose of a cat in case of similar diseases will be the most harmless symptom, often transient infections lead to a lethal outcome. If you suspect an infection, urgently address the veterinarian, do not try to cure a cat independently. The placement of the patient on a hospital is possible.

Dermatological causes of scabs

If crusts on a nose at a cat are manifestation of skin diseases, then bacteria and fungal infections become the catalyst of their emergence. The exact reason will be clear after analyses, in particular dab from a nose undertakes to check microflora mucous, and scrape of skin from the problem site. The veterinarian in addition has to perform inspection of a cat under a special lamp to define whether there are centers of fungal diseases.

According to the made diagnosis treatment is appointed. Anti-fungal medicines as it is oral, and in the form of ointments and solutions are applied. For bacterial infections the corresponding ointments, for example, antibacterial Levomekol cream are appointed.

In parallel it is necessary to carry out disinfecting of problem areas by an anti-septic tank that the secondary infection did not go. For such purposes are effective хлоргексидин or мирамистин.

We treat houses: crusts on a nose

Allergic reaction

One of the causes of crusts in a nose and around lips the cat can have an allergy of an animal to something his surrounding. This manifestation of reaction to food, or household chemicals is possible.

For pets produce antihistaminic medicines in the form of drops. They are on sale in any veterinary drugstore. It is very important to localize and neutralize the irritant causing reaction sometimes it there is enough that the irritation on the favourite's muzzle quickly came to naught. Nevertheless, at traditional treatment still processing of the struck places by an anti-septic tank for acceleration of process of recovery and prevention of an infection is carried out.
We treat houses: crusts on a nose


Kaltsiviroz – very dangerous disease for cat's therefore at emergence of black crusts on the pet's nose, it is worth checking for development of this disease if the animal was not imparted. In risk group there are cats who got to you to the house already at adult age when you are not sure that the animal passed the necessary inoculations in the necessary age. Disease symptoms:

  • Dacryagogue, conjunctivitis;
  • Sores, wounds with crusts on mucous surfaces (a mouth, ears, a nose);
  • Heat;
  • Morbidity in joints;
  • Swelling of lymph nodes;
  • Difficulties at breath

Treatment in this case is appointed only by the doctor, the universal scheme is absent, the veterinarian will pick up procedures and medicines depending on a condition of an animal. Nevertheless and in this case processing by an anti-septic tank of affected areas with crusts is recommended. Are applied lugol and хлогексидин. Drops that it was easier for pet to breathe are also applied to clarification of airways.

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