• Dec 6, 2018

Umbilical hernia at a cat more often happens at children's age. Pathology cannot be disregarded, the pet needs to be shown to the veterinarian. Not hernia in itself, and those complications which can arise because of it is dangerous. The expert will define tactics of treatment and will help to get rid of education. In difficult cases operation can be necessary, but you should not be afraid of it, it is not dangerous.

Umbilical Hernia at a Cat

of the Reason of pathology

The reasons of appearance of umbilical hernia in kittens and adult cats differ. This pathological education often is congenital. Veterinarians call several factors, defining a possibility of emergence of defect:

Pathology Reasons

Lock at a Kitten

  1. Hereditary factor . Hernial protrusion in a navel often happens at those kittens whose parents had the same deviation. It is caused by the wrong formation of an umbilical ring.
  2. Wrong trimming of an umbilical cord . Inept actions can lead to increase in diameter of an umbilical ring. Sometimes leads obgryzany umbilical cords to the same consequences an inexperienced young cat.
  3. of the Trauma . The hernias resulting from mechanical damages more often happen at adult animals. Lead the blows received to the area of a stomach, bruises of umbilical area, falling from height to emergence of protrusion.
  4. the Increased intra belly pressure . Such condition of a disease of bodies of a GIT is promoted, by frequent vomiting or locks.

It is simple to find hernial protrusion: it is enough to examine the pet's stomach, to probe area around a navel. Adult animals can hang down and have a noticeable education when walking. If the camber soft also prominatsya easily by fingers, then it is considered reducible. The protrusion which is not giving in to influence is called not reducible.

Treatment of umbilical hernia

Treatment of umbilical hernia at a kitten can be conservative and quick. If the doctor decides that it is possible to do without operation, he will appoint massage, use of ointments, reposition of camber hands. Application of a plaster and small button will help to eliminate small hernia. the Operations procedure in this case has to be the following:

Treatment of Umbilical Hernia

  1. The kitten is put a stomach up to themselves on knees.
  2. Wool around a navel is accurately cut off scissors.
  3. Protrusion is massed with small pressing until it disappears.
  4. Impose a button on the problem place.
  5. Apply a plaster to fixing of a small button, pasting it cross-wise.

The bandage is periodically checked and changed in case of need. It is necessary to hold it on a stomach for treatment of hernia at a kitten within 2−3 weeks. The result of this method is positive at small protrusion.

If at a kitten hernia on a stomach, it is necessary to do operation in that case when it has the considerable size or conservative methods did not help.

of the Measure of prevention

Measures of Prevention of Hernia

If hernial protrusion has congenital origin, it is impossible to affect it, alas, . It is only possible to advise to pay when choosing the pet attention to existence or absence of this pathology. It is possible to prevent emergence of defect in an adult cat, having organized the correct care of it.

The animal has to receive the qualitative balanced forage which is not creating problems with digestion in the form of locks. It is also necessary to preserve a cat against injuries and falling from considerable height.

At education even the small camber in a navel needs to show a fluffy to the veterinarian. It is better to solve any problem of medical character at an initial stage.

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