• Dec 15, 2018

it is quite simple to Notice deterioration in health of the pet if not to lose sight of his behavior. So to understand that at a cat a stuffy nose, it is possible that she began to breathe through the mouth, to sniff, sneeze or "grunt". The congestion and allocations from a nose can be symptoms of various illnesses — for cold to serious infectious diseases. Therefore you should not ignore rhinitis at a cat.

What to Do if the Cat Breathes Through the Mouth

of the Reason and the accompanying symptoms

A nose for a cat — very important body. The sense of smell is necessary for her to be guided in space. Therefore rhinitis becomes the real problem, the extreme discomfort delivering to an animal.

the Congestion of an organ of smell can be a symptom:

Congestion of an Organ of Smell

  • colds;
  • viral or bacterial disease (kaltsividoz, peritonitis, viral pneumonia, clamidiosis, herpes, konyyuktivit, otitis);
  • rhinitis, antritis, rhinotracheitis;
  • allergies;
  • infections with parasites;
  • emergence of new growths in the upper airways;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • hits of a foreign subject in a nasal cavity;
  • inflammatory processes.

Catarrhal rhinitis can arise at long overcooling (during walk on a frost, a dream on a cold floor, etc.) or consumption of cold food. If at a cat the stuffy nose (breathes through the mouth), the reason for that can become allergic reaction. Most often thoroughbred pets suffer from it. can serve as Allergens:

Allergic Reaction to Pollen

  • pollen of plants;
  • dust;
  • hot steam;
  • forage;
  • parts of household chemicals;
  • fragrances.

The clogged nose can also be reaction to infection of an animal with helminths — the parasites living in lungs cause pneumonia and rhinitis in a cat.

Little kittens can suffer from congestion owing to pre-natal infection with infectious diseases from mother. Besides, the young organism is more subject to influence of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. What to do if at a kitten the stuffy nose, depends on the diagnosis and disease severity. Only the veterinarian will be able to register treatment.

The congestion of an organ of smell at a cat has a number of the accompanying symptoms:

  • loss of appetite;
  • slackness, depression;
  • temperature increase of a body;
  • conjunctivitis.

Slackness, Depression of a Cat

Besides, when at a cat a stuffy nose, it is possible to notice how the animal fingers and scratches a nose a paw. So it tries to get rid of allocations independently.

Treatment and prevention

At long cold at the pet complications — otitis, deafness, congestion of respiratory organs can begin . Therefore you should not delay treatment. What to do if at a cat a stuffy nose, the veterinarian who will examine previously a cat and will make the diagnosis will tell.

Treatment of Cold at a Cat

At infectious diseases to a cat the course of antibiotics will be appointed. Besides, the veterinarian can register reception febrifugal and resolvents. Also the doctor can recommend washing, inhalations by essential oils and moistening of a nose children's cream.

To facilitate breath, veterinarians often recommend to use vasoconstrictive drops. It is necessary to apply only the drops intended for cats whose part immunostimulators are.

When choosing means it is worth paying attention to age of the pet . So, kittens should not be treated the drugs intended for adult animals. Special attention needs to be paid on the recommended dose, the surplus of means can lead to emergence of side effects and complications.

During treatment it is necessary to give to drink to a cat a large amount of warm water, to feed only with warm food (if the animal badly eats, it is possible to offer it a forage with stronger aroma). Also it is necessary to protect the pet from drafts.

Allocations from a nose and a crust need to be removed a wadded disk, a plait or a stick. It is necessary to do it very accurately as damage mucous will only aggravate rhinitis. At plentiful allocations the nose can be washed with boiled water or physical solution. The procedure requires the pipette or the syringe without needle.

At cold (if the cat has no heat) it is possible to warm up a nose the sack filled with warm sand.

That at a cat rhinitis, did not develop veterinarians advise to carry out prevention:

It Is Timely to Carry Out Vaccination

  • to avoid overcooling;
  • in due time to carry out vaccination;
  • to provide the balanced diet;
  • periodically to carry out diagnostics on infection with parasites;
  • to exclude allergens.

Cold at a cat leads to discomfort and the general deterioration in health of the pet, it can lead to emergence of complications. Rhinitis at cats is not an independent disease, but a symptom of different illnesses therefore treatment of an animal has to be performed under control of the veterinarian.

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