• Dec 4, 2018

Having decided to get a pet, it is necessary to consider that care of it will consist not only in feeding, but also in maintenance of health for what it is necessary to pay attention to various manifestations of illnesses. So, having noticed "tears" in the face of an animal, you should not ignore this fact, the reasons why at a cat an eye, flows a little: from quite harmless to very serious.

Why at a Cat an Eye Flows

Possible reasons

To understand how serious reason stands behind tearfulness of eyes of a cat, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pet has other symptoms. So, change of color of eyes, emergence of purulent allocations, loss of appetite, temperature increase of a body and painful reaction to light have to become a signal for the immediate address to the veterinarian.

Factors which provoke tears at the pet are subdivided into several types:

How to Treat Eyes to Cats

  • natural predisposition;
  • allergy;
  • injuries, hit of foreign objects;
  • burns;
  • parasites;
  • ophthalmologic diseases;
  • cold;
  • viral and fungal diseases.

Why an Eye at a Cat Flows

The natural predisposition is characteristic of breeds with the brakhitsefalichesky structure of a skull as to them the channel shortened plaintive is characteristic. At kittens of the British, Persian and exotic short-haired types aged till 1 year the raised slezootdeleniye can be considered the normal phenomenon. Quite often the tearfulness is allergic reaction. Most often its activator are dust, a forage, pollen, detergents, construction materials.

One more common cause — receiving by a cat of a trauma. It can happen during the fight to other animals, hunting, games and so on. To understand that the tearfulness is caused by this factor, is enough to examine the pet's eyes on presence of scratches . Also the reason can consist in hit of a foreign matter which can be absolutely small, for example, the dropped-out eyelash or a grain of sand.

The strong irritation of mucous can arise at a burn which can be both thermal, and chemical. is the Reason of the second hit in eyes of the acids or alkalis which are contained in household chemicals and also construction paints, varnishes and solvents. Emergence of tears in the pet can be also secondary specific reaction to appearance of parasites — helminths or fleas.

Ophthalmologic diseases which symptom is plentiful dacryagogue:

  • konjyuktivit;
  • blepharitis;
  • заворот or eversion century;
  • keratit;
  • tumors;
  • congenital narrowing of the plaintive channel.

If, except tearfulness, at a cat sneezing is observed, then it can be a symptom of cold or viral diseases (a kaltseviroza, a gerpesviroza, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis). Besides, emergence of tears can speak violation of hygiene. As a rule, it meets at little kittens who did not learn to look after themselves yet.

Treatment and prevention

How to Drip in Eyes to a Cat Medicine

If the reason that at a cat an eye flows is the serious disease, then the pet needs to be shown to the veterinarian, without appropriate treatment such illness can lead to complications, for example, to loss of sight.

After survey and diagnostics the veterinarian will register the corresponding medicines. For local influence drops or ointments are most often appointed (tetracycline, levomitsetinovy).

At viral diseases complex treatment is appointed. It includes both medicines of local influence, and antibiotics of a wide range. For treatment of ophthalmologic pathologies the veterinarian can appoint surgical intervention.

To avoid the factors causing tearfulness of eyes in cats it is recommended to carry out in due time vaccination and to periodically wash out eyes of pets (especially to kittens). For this hygienic procedure can be used:

Treatment of Eyes at Cats and Cats

  • boiled water;
  • broth of a camomile, sage or calendula;
  • infusion of green tea;
  • physical solution;
  • Furacilin solution;
  • special drops.

Manipulation needs to be carried out very accurately not to injure an eye. For the procedure it is necessary to take a new wadded tampon, it should be dipped into solution, and then to wring out so that the drop got to the pet into an eye. Action should be repeated several times. If to begin to carry out the procedure to the pet from small age, then he will treat it calmly.

Emergence of tears in cats can be a symptom of various illnesses therefore it is necessary to show consideration for this factor. At set of tearfulness with other symptoms it is necessary to address the veterinarian. And for prevention of these unpleasant phenomena it is worth carrying out hygienic procedures and not to forget to do to the pet all necessary vaccination.

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