• Sep 17, 2019
Many owners ask a question: why does the cat eat a grass? , apparently, it absolute predator! But everything is not as simple as can seem at first sight.

Why the cat eats a grass? It is a little about physiology

Eating of a grass cats is not a whim and a whim of the predator which decided to go over temporarily in a camp of vegans. It is physiological requirement which was formed still in those days when far ancestors of ours a murok and barsik did not cross a threshold of a cave and walked in itself.
 the Cat eats a grass
the Main production of cats are birds and rodents. But at мурлык there are no kitchen accessories and an opportunity to use them so they are not able to separate meat from feathers, wool, bones and other by-products. The choice is small: or to die of hunger, or to absorb everything entirely. And the stomach had to find a way out: superfluous the cat belches all.
Times, of course, change. Now we are in the service of cats and as the loving owners we are able to provide those who was tamed uninterrupted supply of fillet. But so just you will not switch off the evolutionary mechanism. Here also cats eat a grass that it caused irritation of a gastric path, and vomiting became result. By the way, thus cats get rid of the woolen lumps which are accidentally swallowed during licking at the same time.
is Also a hypothesis that cats eat a grass to receive additional vitamins and mineral substances, they, generally choose young plants in which there are more nutrients.

Is possible, you are surprised, but one more version says that the cat eats a grass for a mood raising. Confirmation was not found yet, however many noticed that mint eating really pleases our friends having a tail.

As a rule, the cat itself understands when there came the moment попастись.

Cannot punish a cat for what it unexpectedly srygnut! This process is uncontrollable. It cannot be stopped even if the pet will make titanic efforts.

is better not to let after eating of a grass a cat in rooms where it can soil furniture, carpets and other things expensive to your heart. Wait until it cleans a stomach.

What plants the cat can eat?

in the light of all above, this question is natural. Availability of useful plants — vital need for a cat.
One of options — to bring a cat to the dacha and to provide freedom of choice. If, of course, there is an opportunity to provide there existence, safe for a murlyka. Then the cat, most likely, will choose rough greens, for example, a sedge or cereals.
 the Cat eats plants
If your cat is limited to room contents, your task — regularly to resupply a grass or to grow up it directly in the apartment. If not to make it, the pet can attempt upon houseplants, and it not only is offensive for you, but also it is dangerous to a fluffy — many of them are poisonous. It is possible to plant a special grass which is sold in pet-shops. Besides, cats are not indifferent to mint. But the most popular "a green forage" for cats — oats. Other options — wheat or barley. By the way, three last types of greens are useful also to people.

the Plants poisonous for cats

As a rule, cats are quite legible in food and avoid dangerous plants, however on an absence of fish of attractive there can be even a dangerous food. So your sacred duty — to show vigilance. For example, you should not let a cat to a lawn if the grass was processed fertilizers there.

Is also plants, poisonous in itself:
  • Henbane
  • Geranium
  • life Tree
  • Calendula
  • Lily of the valley
  • Mack
  • Sea onions
  • Narcissa
  • Oleander
  • Yew
  • Tulip
  • Violets
  • Philodendron
  • Tsikuta
  • Cheremitsa

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