tied the Dachshund to a column a hard rope and left
York Tim once was really happy dog
Elderly people and loss of the favourite
off beggars who stand on metro stations with dogs and collect on "a house shelter"
the Dog lived Several months with a cat in the empty house. Attempts to attach Douro were unsuccessful, and it got to a shelter
of the Snow-white puppy threw to shelter doors
of the French bulldog brought to the playground, bound and threw
Tser's Dobermann terrier again looks for family, it is not lucky it in a chain of refusals and treacheries so far
of the Pit bull terrier was noticed accentally in the neighborhood of Kaluga, most likely it was thrown out after dog fights
found the Dog on the street with a huge tumor
a Rottweiler threw out the Dog of breed on the street, she was sheltered by employees of the local enterprise
Huskies was necessary to bear and feed posterity, as a result with a bunch of diseases the dog appeared in a shelter
the Dog lived 4 years in a shelter — owners brought it because of excessive activity there
of Michele is a fluffy miracle with a huge potential
shot At a puppy, and then he was hit by the train
Fragile happiness of a homeless mongrel was short - there was no hostess who sheltered Gaby
Influence of animals on teenagers from dysfunctional families
the Dalmatian was born the deaf and now looks for the house
of the Mistress of a Shar-Pei d not become, the son the disabled person cannot care for a dog
the Shar-Pei appeared in a shelter twice, the allergy of the child
threw out the Dog on the street because of alcoholism of the hostess
due to the lack of education, a veymaraner appeared in a shelter
How to photograph the pet
of the French bulldog saved from ill treatment, treat and will look for to it new family
Puppies froze, saved their mother, now at her is warmly human hearts
the Owner tied a dog near the thrown gas station, the dog pined with hunger, cold and loneliness
is Later 6 years lived together, couple brought a dog to a shelter
Because of a disease of the owner kovy, a Labrador appeared in a shelter
of Attempt of a dog to support posterity crowned loss
the Dog unexpectedly appeared in a shelter, before she wandered on city streets