• Jan 15, 2020
Quite recently two divers in Australia are unexpected

for themselves made a surprising heat. They absolutely accidentally came across couple of humpback whales: mother who was peacefully dozing under water and her playful kid.

Divers providently did not swim up too close while the kityonok was cheerfully turned in water. But far from it: after a while the kid so became interested in guests that he decided to swim up to them.

Video: Caters Clips

Fortunately, the Australian photographer managed to catch all events on the camera. On video it is well visible how the kityonok raises one of divers on a water surface, having turned over on a back. For a second the girl fades, shocked with such unexpected interest of the huge kid.

Having a little lain down so, the kityonok fell to water and floated back to mother, having presented to the diver history which very few people else will be able to share.

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