• Jan 21, 2020

We got used to perceive cats as ordinary animals. But whether much we know about them? We bring to your attention 10 surprising facts about cats !


  • If to make calculations, then it will turn out that the 3-year-old cat is active only 1 year of the life!
  • Cats not sweet teeth, they have no thirst for sweet. It is considered to be that it is connected with a mutation of flavoring receptors.
 the British cat sits on a tree
  • One of the most ancient cats was found on the island of Cyprus in a grave which 9.5 thousand years.
  • the Judaic legend says: Ache asked God to protect supplies, but an ark from rats. In response to its entreaties God ordered to sneeze to a lion, and the cat jumped out of it.
 the red cat jumps behind a cone
  • the Cat rubs about your legs, but it is necessary to know that these actions are caused not only the need for caress, but also the fact that around a muzzle at cats many glands are located. Thereby it marks you.
  • there lived primogenitors of modern cats of "Proailurus" About 30 million years ago (Greek — the first cat). The cats closer to modern appeared 12 million years ago.
  • $50 thousand — the price of the most expensive cat. This cat cost owners in a round sum since is a clone of his previous cat.
  • Unlike the person, at a cat 32 muscles which are responsible for mobility of an ear. At the person of these muscles only 6.

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