• Jan 16, 2020
the Family Wong from Hong Kong became famous for

in the Chinese social network Weibo, having published 7 almost identical photos. From year to year, ten years in a row the father, the daughter and their pets were photographed in the same pose. Their photoshoots became the beginning of a trend in social networks of China.

History began with the fact that in 2008 at family Wong appeared the daughter of Tiffany. Care of the baby added efforts, and parents had to spend much time with Tiffany, paying it due attention, Daily Mail reports. In one of such troublesome evenings Grace noticed how her spouse with the sad tired person sits on a sofa and holds the daughter on hands. They were surrounded by pets, on a step not departing from the baby. The scene touched Grace, and she decided to photograph them.

 ten years on a sofa 2008
"I was very tired. It seems that I just replaced a diaper of the daughter and had a rest on a sofa."

This picture laid the foundation for the whole series of pictures about 10 years of life of family. However, at first it was not tradition — in 2008 Vongi forgot about the photo. Tiffany found a photo only in 5 years, in 2013. The picture so was pleasant to it that parents decided to make it tradition, and from that day Grace began to photograph every year the husband with the daughter in an environment of their pets))


"In photos is not present anything special, but they will be quite good reminiscence when we look at them in ten, and even twenty years."

Since those times from year to year family Wong followed tradition, and their dog and a cat with pleasure took part in it!

 Family Wong from China 2014

several years Later Ti Wong posted two photos in social network Weibo of China: the first and the last. Photos collected 7 million viewings!

 Wong from China 2015

of Daily Mail reports that users considered a photo touching and lovely, and the family was praised for stability and persistence.

 ten years on a sofa to 2016 to

of Vongi were become a good example for a great number of families of China which wanted to repeat photoshoots of Ti Wong and his daughter.

 Father with the daughter 2017

Ti Wong does not intend to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and conceives to be photographed with the daughter and next year.

 family and pets 2018

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