• Oct 19, 2019

Owners of domestic cats quite often notice that their fluffy favourites lay down on a back from time to time and ride on a floor. Most often owners of cats connect it with a game or overindulgence of an animal, but not all know that actually there can be several various reasons. So, why cats can ride on a floor, we will tell in our article.

4 reasons why a cat ride on a floor

Good mood

Domestic cats when they have a good mood, often lay down on a back and are rolled with a side sideways. At the same time the animal leaves a stomach open that is sign of trust of a cat in relation to her owners.

When the good mood of a cat is the reason of driving on a floor, the animal at the same time narrows eyes and purrs, and on his muzzle the pacification and pleasure is written. If to approach the alumna and to carefully stroke her on a stomach, then she, most likely, will extend towards the owner of a pad with the hidden claws. And this action it is possible to view as a sign of the highest trust to the person and arrangements to it.

However if lying on a back and being rolled with a side sideways, the cat presses ears to the head, but does not develop them auricles forward, and at the same time its pose looks not weakened, and a little intense, then it can mean caution.

In the same case if the cat, lying on a back, stuffs up ears back, it is shown and hisses, it is a strong indication of the fact that it is ready to pass to protection and in this case it is better to leave her alone.

Marks the territory

Marking the territory or the owner, cats ride a back, leaving tags on objects on which there was a smell, unfamiliar for them. Murlyk act quite often this way when their owners come back home and bring others aromas on clothes. In this case the alumna can ride a back on the clothes lying, for example, in a laundry basket, publishing at the same time grumble and as if foot tapping paws a thing with a foreign smell.

How to understand when the cat marks thus the territory? It at the same time will surely rub on a floor a muzzle, on it the special glands leaving an individual smell of the alumna are located. Thus the cat kind of reports to the relatives that this territory or the owner belong only to her one and that without fight she will not wish to leave for anything "property".

Marking the territory or a thing, the cat can show the teeth and kind of finger them a floor or a subject on which they want to leave zapakhovy tags.

of the Problem with health

The discomfort felt by the alumna can become the driving reason on a back too. Quite often the cat thus tries to appease the naggers in certain sites of the body. She can reach paws not everywhere: for example, on a back the alumna has sites which the murlyka will not be able independently to reach for anything.

Then the cat can or ask the owner to scratch her a back, setting up her for stroking, or lays down on a floor and is rolled with a side sideways that also helps it to appease a skin itch.

In case the alumna feels discomfort because of an itch, she can suffer from skin diseases, such as allergy, zudnevy itch or, for example, flea dermatitis. If the cat too often and long with irritation rides a back, and all its look shows discontent or even suffering, the owner should examine the favourite attentively. And in case of detection on her skin of high temples, having combed, the becoming wet sites, dandruff or reddening, it is necessary to address to veterinary clinic for diagnosis and purpose of treatment.


If the cat constantly rides on a floor with a side sideways and at the same time loudly and invitingly mews, then it can quite be sign of the come techka.

Such behavior of the favourite is pleasant to not all owners, especially, if to consider that during a pustovka the cat can ride so on a floor and shout at any time including at night.

Such behavior of cats during a techka is connected with hormonal splash because of which emotions from which it does not know how to it to get rid begin to overflow an animal.

After successful knitting of a murlyka too quite often ride a back, but at the same time publish already not annoyingly - the loud, and silent and pacified purring full of luxury and pleasure.

Owners of an animal can save themselves and the family from cat's concerts if sterilize the favourite before approach at it the first techka or in two weeks after its end.

There are several reasons of why domestic cats can ride on a floor. Among the most widespread — good mood of a murlyka and also her desire to show to the owner the arrangement. Quite often cats ride on a floor thus to mark the territory. In both of these cases the animal looks quiet and even weakened. If the cat is rolled on a floor with a side sideways, publishing at the same time loud draft miaow, then it can be sign of the begun techka. However, if the alumna constantly and long rides on a floor with the angry look, and on her back or sides raschesa, reddening of skin or the grown bald sites are noticeable, it can be sign of serious problems with health at which it is recommended to address the veterinarian.

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