• Jan 20, 2020

Each of us at least once in life read the list of the richest people according to Forbes, some has the luck even to enter it! And here that into the account of animals? It appears, in the world also cats - dogs - and even millionaire hens meet!

Let's get acquainted with five richest animals on the planet .

1 place: Günther IX

Breed: German shepherd

State: $375.000.000

For what it is known : When in 1991 the German countess Carlotta Libenshtayn died, she bequeathed all the fortune in $80 million to the dog by nickname Günther VI. The people disposing of money did not lose and considerably increased wealth of the countess by means of investments. The sum growing in the eyes also passed to the following successor after Günther VI – to Günther IX.

It has own country houses in Italy and on the Bahamas, and in 2000 from his name the luxurious mansion of Madonna to Miami Beach worth $7.5 million was acquired. Of course, Günther has servants – own maid and the butler who give him a stake and caviar for lunch.

 dog, dog, German shepherd, rich animals photo: imagesvc.timeincapp.com

2 place: Grumpy Cat – that dissatisfied cat

Breed: metis

Состояние: $99.500.000

For what it is known: the Tardar Sauce (yes, it is its real nickname), become recently just Angry Cat, can thank for the wealth the Internet and the admirers worldwide! Its photo scattered in network in 2012, and still very few people do not vspomnat her dissatisfied muzzle. Such expression is given it by the wrong bite and a dwarfism. From its most first emergence online, with participation the Tardar Sauce is produced by movies and create trademarks, sell cloths and objects for parties.

 cat, cat, metis, rich animals

photo: imagesvc.timeincapp.com

3 place: Olivia Benson

Breed: Scottish Fold

State: $97.000.000

For what it is known: This cat belongs to all known Taylor Swift. However do not think, she not just shares a state with the successful hostess. Olivia together with her works with the famous brands – the Keds footwear and Coca-Cola.

 cat, cat, pet, lop-eared, rich animals photo: media.vanityfair.com

4 place: Sadie, Sanni, Lauren, Leyla and Luke

Breed: spaniels and golden retrievers

State: $30.000.000

For what are known: Of course, the hostess. Five rich men belong to Oprah Winfrey. The TV host provided the trust fund for the pets which will cover all expenses on their good life if suddenly something happens to it.

photo: static.oprah.com

5 place: To a gigabyte

Breed: Scottish chicken

State: $15.000.000

For what it is known: After retirement, Myles Blackwell, the famous British publisher, removed far away from city bustle into the English country where he began to grow up sheep and hens. When he died in 2001, its wealth in $95 million was divided between several charitable organizations, except for $15 million. Them he bequeathed it to favourite chicken who became the richest of all poultry on the planet.

Photo: wideopencountry.com
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