• Jan 21, 2020
Each aelurophile at least once yes asked

a question: why his moustached favourite with such pleasure is trampled down on it, using sometimes even claws.

In behavior and habits of cats – the mass of riddles. Many are sure that their murlyk and troubles take away, and introduce happiness to the house. And what having a tail is healed, so is in general practically a scientific fact in evidence!

So, several possible answers on a question: why the cat tramples down the person pads.

  • Some scientists believe that such behavior is connected with genetic memory. And even thought up the special term - "dairy step" for its definition. Only having been born, kids kittens already "trample down" a stomach of mother cat in order that she quicker developed milk. This period, such full, warm and pleasant, forever remains in memory of an animal. When the adult cat touches the owner's pads, it is considered that to her it is extremely good at these moments. And such behavior moreover and accompanied by purring and even deflation of claws — the evidence of the highest trust to the person.
  • Other experts are sure that cats trample down the owner only in the period of nervous tension to calm down. Rhythmical shuffle by pads promotes emission in blood of animal hormone of joy of endorphin.
  • One more opinion why cats are trampled down on a body of the person, is connected with their freedom-loving essence. Being still wild animals, they already loved comfort. With special care equipped to themselves the place for a lodging for the night. The laying was made of leaves, a moss, a grass, carefully trampling down, trying to obtain softness. So if your koteyka is trampled down on you, perhaps, she just wants to have a sleep … And to take a nap on a back, a stomach or on a lap the favourite owner – and it is convenient, both warmly, and it is safe. Whether this not cat's happiness?
  • And here one more version: the cat "marks" with trample the person. The hypothesis is based on observations and researches. On small pillows of pads sweat glands are located. Being trampled down, the cat leaves the smell on the owner, thereby speaking to other animals: this person is already busy.
  • it is possible, active trample – sign of the got naughty hormones. And not far off – the marriage period. There are no other animals in the house so an object of love is only the person. Well, the koteyka should suffer or find couple
  • in reply to scientific arguments the national sign says: tramples down – means treats . Aelurophiles unanimously say: cats feel where hurts. Think if the moustached friend already long time is trampled down in the same place, maybe, it is worth seeing a doctor?
  • And here indisputable reason: the murlyka obviously shows strong feelings to the owner and demands response.

Pay attention!

It is impossible to offend an animal at all, to throw off from itself, to shout or beat. If behavior of a cat to you unpleasantly, simply distract her a game or yum-yum. And it is possible to stroke and "pomurlykat" in reply!

And your cats are trampled down on you? And what it means?

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