• Jan 21, 2020

All horses are noble and beautiful animals, but also among them is special …

1. The fastest horse

Many consider that the fastest horses – Arab. However this delusion. The palm is strongly held by representatives of the English thoroughbred roadster breed. And the champion among these sprinters – the Bich Rekit stallion who gathered the speed of 69.69 km/h at a distance of 410 meters. On average thoroughbred saddle horses at short distances gather speed about 60 km/h.

2. The highest horse

Sampson, a stallion of breed шайр (the English heavy truck), is recognized as the highest horse in the world. Its growth was 220 cm Sampson lived in a century before last (was born in England in 1846), but its record is still not broken. This powerful horse one and a half tons weighed.

3. The heaviest horse

The champion on weight – the Belgian horse by nickname Big Jake. With a height of 217 cm its weight exceeds 2.5 tons.

4. The least horse

This Thumbelina of the horse world bears a name of Tumbelin and has height of 43 cm weighing 26 kg. In 2006 she took a place of honor in the Guinness Book of Records. The horse lives on a farm in St. Louis (the State of Missouri, the USA).

5. The oldest horse

In questions of longevity the pedestal is taken again by inhabitants of the Foggy Albion. The horse the Old Billey who was born in 1760 lived 62 years. Also worked, dragging barges, almost all life! Old Billey's skull is stored in the museum of Manchester.

On average horses live 25 – 30 years.

6. The strongest horse

At an exhibition in Wembley (Great Britain) a heavy truck Vulcan showed on a dynamometer "breakthrough" in 29.47 tons. This record was set on April 23, 1924

7. The most jumping horses

The horse by the name of Guaso from Chile possesses a world record on high jumps. On February 5, 1949 it managed to break a barrier 2.47 m high

And a horse by nickname Samsing set up a record on long jumps. In 1975, jumping in Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa) over a ditch with water, it overcame 8.40 m

8. The most expensive horse

Frenkel, bay handsome of the English roadster thoroughbred breed, is the best race horse. Its estimated cost – 200 million dollars.

9. The most long-maned horse

On "hairiness" the stallion Linus is recognized as the champion. This four-footed dandy "a mane and a tail" long time let grow glossy chestnut and gold color from gentle linen color a subject of master's pride. As a result the mane made 4.27 meters in length, and a tail – 3.66 meters!

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