• Jan 23, 2020

British who wished to remain the unknown brought the dog into church as had any more no opportunity to care for it. This case occurred in the town of Blackpool. The staff of church of Sacred Heart (Sacred Heart), having come in the morning to the temple, found the dog tied to a fencing there – the Staffordshire bull terrier. Near it there was a note with the indication of a name of a dog and an explanation of a situation.

The owner of an animal made a declaration of love to him and regretted that cannot care for the pet more. "Life took for me a nasty turn, and I cannot allow that it was on the street with me cold and hungry", – the owner reported in the message. In the same place he specified that at a dog two forepaws sick and that she is 7 years old.

In spite of the fact that laws of Great Britain do not provide a similar way of transfer of pets on care, the staff of church took a dog under the aegis. If it becomes clear that the animal is not stolen, she will be transferred to special nursery for search of new owners. The police check all facts of the event and ask citizens to address in case of lack of financial opportunities to support an animal the local veterinarian, in rescue center or in the charitable organization, such as PSPCA.

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