• Dec 29, 2020

Only in appearance a dog of breed the Rottweiler looks awful. She is well coped, young, active, beautiful, friendly, is clever, generous and very willingly makes contact. Excellent qualities for a pet, isn't that so? But categorically not its former owners agreed with it.


Люди threw out the Azalea on the street. It happened, most likely, still in its early the childhood because now to the girl 2.5 years and during this time she endured a lot of things.

Hungry, cold and embittered, eternally looking for teenage period smoothly flowed in no more nourishing adolescence. Only now the Azalea was not so lonely. It was looked after by the staff of the local enterprise. To the girl built the open-air cage and sometimes dropped in on her with entertainments.

But the dog matured, the nature prevailed. Before each techka the Azalea in mad sweat ran to domestic males. Where its posterity, it is necessary to guess. But, probably, once puppies turned out so nice that the employee of the enterprise even decided to shelter one of them.


Азалия remained in the open-air cage, all in parasites, exhausted, freezing, waiting for the best. Also you know, nobody put on the Azalea, well the miracle occurred. It was noticed and decided to be helped. In a shelter there was a town for the young thrown little girl. Though she was mistaken in the life more than once and did not get used to be house yet, such the Rottweiler appreciates awe and attention of employees above everything and hurries to begin life anew. It is much it was possible, the girl will not become an exception. The azalea looks for the house!

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