• Sep 8, 2020

It. The victims of persecutions, a hunger strike and mockeries lay lifelessly in the dirty and rotted-through open-air cages.

Two adults special and several puppies literally teemed with parasites. Their bodies were deenergized. Wool got out literally shreds. The most severe itch and infections — here that pets received from unfortunate manufacturers. Those, by the way, literally flew into a rage from desire to get breed. Produced puppies in lots and months. And then stopped wards attaining the age in rotten stuff at all.


Собак found 100 vw accidentally. They as if were immured or hidden with the unique purpose — to survive animals from light. Otherwise it is impossible to call their existence.

Huskies hospitalized, took analyses and conducted detailed examinations. One and all dogs got the most severe dehydration, демодезкоз. Internal ticks lodged in their bodies and day by day struck organisms both mature individuals, and absolutely small and weak puppies children. The disorder did not spare anybody.


В a hospital to pets appeared the help. Washed up, cleaned, processed, saved from parasites, fattened and treated kindly poor fellows. Some already went to overexposure, but employees of a clinic and shelter understood that chances of the device of some are not enough. Two dogs were already in, consider, advanced age.


Девочке about 12 years, and to the guy — around 9. Therefore in a shelter they had to be late for many years. During this time already more elderly dog from the company saved huskies by the name of the Little squirrel did not wait for treasured hour, died. Pleases that at least in the twilight of life she learned that such respect, kindness, caress and love even if not in family, and in a shelter. But her loyal friend by the name of Bolto, not less elderly, but still healthy, vigorous the old man remains spirit with us. Now he looks for temporary overexposure. Perhaps, we will help it to find the company. The good dog who learned a grief will make excellent party as the best interlocutor, the companion and the best friend. A bolt looks for supports!

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