• Sep 20, 2019

This scientific research destroys prejudices according to which cats are considered as asocial animals who prefer loneliness.

On the Internet there are a lot of articles and videos representing cats as selfish beings who are protected by claws when someone approaches them.

Here what words describe an image of an unrestrained cat: run from me, I follow you, follow me, I run from you.

Such cliche about cats does not arise from anywhere. There are, of course, savages whom in any way not to tame. But …

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Американские researchers from Oregon State University proved: cats are glad to communication with people, it is easy and with pleasure make contact. And especially with those who are glad them to caress.

46 cats divided into two groups participated in a research.

"In both groups we found out that animals spend much more time with people who pay attention to them, than with those who ignore them" — Christine Vital, the scientist participating in a research says. The research is published in the Povedencheskiye Protsessy magazine.

The previous research conducted by the same scientist proved: the cat prefers communication with the person to reception write or to games alone.

A new conclusion of a research the fact that cats feel behavior of the person react to us. This time the research was concentrated on social behavior of a cat, her relations with others.

of 46 cats in the room

What represented a research? 46 cats, a half of whom was taken from a shelter, the others – house participated in it.

At first the person entered the room to cats from a shelter. Two minutes he ignored мурлык, then began to pay attention on them, to call up to itself, to iron.

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Затем the same experiment was made with domestic cats.

Results were identical. Reactions "wild" and pets are similar.

"On average cats spend much more time when they pay attention to them with people" — Christine Vital says.

In other words when the person pays attention to cats, they answer it with the same. And, if someone considers that cats are animals selfish, wild, not needing communication, just communicated with them a little.

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