• Jan 22, 2020

Brad so long lived in a shelter that the personnel were sure: he will not be adopted any more.

Seven years in a shelter are an eternity for an animal.

 dog, shelter, house Photo: wamiz.com

However, Brad was taken away home more than once, but then returned back.

"The dog needs space and fresh air, physical activities. It is necessary for it to be healthy and happy" — Ashley Webb, the director of a shelter in Hawaii says.

Recently spouses from Michigan (USA), arrived to a shelter, got acquainted with Brad and … took away to themselves.

New life of Brad in Michigan

New owners in Michigan have a big house with the homestead territory. They are sure: Brad will have enough place to release energy.

Brad's moving from the Hawaiian shelter to Michigan became the only obstacle in a way of connection of the loving hearts.

A shelter, wishing to help the pet to appear rather houses, opened the account for Brad – for fund raising on moving.

For several days the objectives were achieved, to Brad collected by the whole world more than 1600 dollars. And it flew to the new family.

Be happy, Brad! Do not come back to a shelter any more!

To each homeless tail — careful handles!

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