• Oct 15, 2020

a puppy was delivered in a shelter from Vladikavkaz. The dog without breed, a name and history urgently needed the help. It, being still absolutely a baby, got into, to put it mildly, unpleasant situation. Most likely, she was hit by the car.

In this region the burning disturbing stories full of cruelty to thoughtless tails very often happen. There is a wish to tell even "thank you that live and not wounded as a result of a fire shot" if still it is possible to express gratitude somehow in this case.


Малышка could not move and dragged the back extremities and a basin for itself. It managed each movement well just with titanic work. Compression spinal fracture did not allow it to move fully. The baby lived at a local stop of public transport. It was the real life in captivity of the walking suicide bomber. And the most awful — indifference of people around. It is simpler to pretend that the crippled dog was not noticed, than to help her.


Но nevertheless kind heart was. The baby on rehabilitation and, about a miracle, it could get up on paws by means of careful tutors. Still also this beauty, young, naughty, kind and able to appreciate good is not enough time, will look for the house!

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