• Apr 24, 2020

Happened anything in the face of volunteers. This case — big misfortune, huge cruelty, the tragedy which shocked even the most experienced rescuers of defenseless lives. Very disturbing and shocking message came to mail of one community on rescue of animals.

The call for help told surprisingly cruel story. In one of the local villages of Moscow area there lived at first sight absolutely normal family with several children. Also she seemed average, did not get a pet yet. The beautiful smooth and brilliant, compact and strong beautiful bluish-black black dog, breeds амстафф, pleased all village. Being a baby, in her souls literally everything did not hope. Around a dog crowds of children and adult passersby gathered, without taking eyes, be touched to the baby.


Собака grew. Also children matured. The vector of their interests, vital reference points and the principles began to change in some uncertain party. The favor in relation to a dog was replaced with anger — one of growing manifestations. Why children began to treat the pet which was on friendly terms with them since the childhood, unclear cruelly. It is obvious that they saw this example to learn it to follow. So, scoffed at a dog all family.

After the disturbing message volunteers came out to the place of events. What they saw was similar to an episode of the movie of horror. The dog was bitten by pincers, exhausted and exhausted. But the most terrible — after all her body there were multiple cuts of skin and the top layers of fabric. And it did not resemble accidental wounds during the game or traumatic cuts from fight against dogs at all, and especially not household. Here no comments.

From the message it became known that those children who so loved the baby in the childhood with own hand cut off on a piece of skin from a dog. Moreover, they did it defiantly.

How far a game of potential maniacs could come, it is unknown to anybody. But it is known precisely that to the baby it is urgently necessary the help. First, it has a terrible stress. She also still does not understand what befell and how further to continue to live and rejoice. Secondly, she physically has to have a rest from mockeries and get stronger. At last, it is necessary that someone surely showed her what is love and care that it is worthy it. Now a dog in reliable hands. After an active rehabilitation course she will look for the house.

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