• Jan 21, 2020

of the Airdale is called "The king of terriers".  airdale of a photo On a photo: airdale. Photo: .ru

  1. the Name of breed the airdale is translated as "a terrier from the valley of the river of Eyre" .
  2. the Airdale is not just a terrier . It "multinational alloy" of terriers, sheep-dogs, dogoobrazny, hounds and cops.
  3. the Information about the first airdales was kept the most strict secret . And even when these dogs became known, they were reluctantly sold to "strangers". And when the first эрделя sold to the foreigner at one of exhibitions, indignation of public was so big, as the seller, and the buyer had to escape through a rear entrance.
  4. In spite of the fact that airdales as independent otters hunters were brought, before World War I they got on military and police service . Their office qualities were at that time appreciated even above, than abilities of German shepherds and Dobermann terriers.
  5. the Airdale – universal breed . He is capable to become the security guard, the athlete, the hunter or just the partner.
  6. Well-known Austrian этолог, the Nobel Prize laureate Conrad Lorentz called erdely (along with German shepherds) the most right breed of dog .
  7. Unlike a German shepherd, the airdale will never see in the leader's owner. It is important to prove convincingly that you are capable to offer favorable, worthy partnership . And then you receive the wonderful friend, clever, devoted, active and at the same time obedient.
  8. If in training эрделя to rely on violent methods, you will not achieve result. Where other dog would give up long ago, exhausted by fight, эрдель will think up one thousand and one way to show resistance .
  9. Airdales were loved by the American presidents . Woodrow Wilson considered эрделя Davy as the best friend. Bronze monuments are established to Warren Harding's dogs of Lady Boy and the Lady of LHC. About 19000 messengers of newspapers chipped in together for these statues – of cent. And Theodor Roosevelt wrote that "an airdale – the best breed which personified advantages of all other dogs without their shortcomings".

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