• Sep 17, 2019

It is known that the cult of "oborotnichestvo" was widespread among ancient Slavs. The werewolf or the double-dealing fellow called the person capable to turn into an animal. The address to a wolf was the most widespread, a wolf – one of the main totems or, in other words, animals patrons at Slavs. The dangerous and strong predator at the same time caused and frays, and admiration at our ancestors. The turned person was called volkolaky or volkodlaky, from the word "dlak" — a wolf skin. Ancient god Perun at the same time was a patron and wolves, and soldiers therefore the cult of a wolf was widespread among the last. Was considered that soldiers were able to turn in volkolak. However very few people know that volkolak were not the only type of werewolves.


The furious owner of the wood a bear – other important totem at our ancestors was one more patron of soldiers. The soldiers able to address in this animal were called beralaka ("ber" — a bear on Old Slavic). At the same time magicians preferred cats or ravens. Turning into a cat called koshkolakam, and in birds – vorolakam. The witch doctors able to address in lynxes or foxes are mentioned in some sources.

What is interesting, werewolves became negative characters only with arrival of Christianity when all pagan deities and creations were ranked as demons. Up to this point, unlike the European neighbors, our ancestors did not consider "oborotnichestvo" a damnation. On the contrary, as they were close to the nature and esteemed her, it seemed to them that the animal or, in other words, the natural beginning cannot bear in itself the evil. The werewolf – the one who comprehended laws of the nature and deeply respects them. Our primogenitors believed that, becoming the double-dealing fellow, the person joins the highest forces, the ancestors and patrons. Besides, they considered that in each person the ability to the address is hidden, simply not all need it …

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