• Feb 1, 2019

Start of Belka and Strelka in space — a bright event which in 1960 struck the Soviet people. Flight of two dogs took place successfully, all returned to Earth healthy. It was the first experience of stay of quadrupeds out of the atmosphere. Experiments continued, the scientific world has on the account unusual examples of starts on Earth orbit. Experts note 5 stories. Flights of animals in space deserve attention and in many decades.

The History of Flights of Animals in Space

Animal out of an orbit

Starts of animals were carried out to understand how the surrounding situation influences astronauts and what problems with health can arise subsequently.

Was studied effect of gravitation and various biological processes.

the Dogs who visited space:

Animals out of an Orbit

  • of Like . This dog the first of animals went beyond an outer space. Flight in November, 1957 lasted about 7 hours. The dog died, without having sustained a stress. Besides, mistakes in calculations caused temperature rise in a cabin higher than 40 degrees.
  • Asterisk . The tester having a tail was ahead of Yury Gagarin for 18 days. After flight she landed in the Perm region near the village of Karsha. The dog survived, thanks to Lev Okkelman. The pilot found her in the conditions of poor visibility, warmed and gave to drink water.

Not only dogs received honor to plow Universe open spaces. Among astronauts there were also other animals:

End of Experiments

  • Felisett's Cat . Selection of applicants for flight out of limits of the atmosphere was made in France among homeless animals. Initially them was 30, fit were only 14. As a result the choice fell on a black-and-white cat, she was started in space on October 18, 1963. The tester was in zero gravity more than 5 minutes then test came to the end.
  • of the Rat Castor, Hector and Pollux . Hector appeared in an orbit on February 22, 1961. All the time of flight which lasted a little more than 40 minutes the rodent felt well. In a year on its feet Castor went. The outcome was deplorable. The astronaut did not sustain overheating and died. In several days sent the following rat tester to flight. The search group did not find a head part of a rocket where the capsule with Pollux was fixed.
  • of the Monkey of Ms. Baker and Eybl . One of them was bought in usual pet-shop, the second was taken from a zoo of Kansas. After study in aviation school of the USA, in 1959 animals were sent to space. Flight lasted 16 minutes, 9 of which monkeys were in zero gravity conditions. After achievement of height in 480 kilometers, animals came back home.

Landing was successful, but Eybl, without having sustained an anesthesia, soon died on the operating table when deleted with it the electrodes implanted before flight. Ms. Baker lived up to 27 years and died of a disease of kidneys.

End of experiments

Tests continued till spring of 1961, during this time launched 29 missiles and involved about 100 animals. As a result of various malfunctions in life support systems more than 20 representatives of fauna died.

After Yury Gagarin's flight experiments with quadrupeds stopped. However the first astronauts forever will remain in memory of people as brave testers thanks to whom the new era of conquest of the Universe began.

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