• Nov 13, 2018

Animals In ancient times such religion as a totemizm arose, it remained in some corners of our planet also now. People worshipped animals and considered them the deities. They wanted to be able to run also quickly, to jump dexterously, to float and be well same strong, as well as animals. They made them a sacrifice and various gifts as they thought that animals in reply will award them with the same abilities, as at them.

Animals And even now professional athletes are very far from those records which are set up by animals. Speed of the fastest fish in the world exceeds 100 kilometers per hour, and the speed of the person in water can reach only 10 kilometers per hour. Just the same situation is also with run, the cheetah can gather speed to 120 kilometers per hour, and the person only up to 40 kilometers per hour, and about birds also nothing to speak, to the person never to learn to fly also long and with the same speed. Besides, animals on all characteristics always were, is and will be much more hardy, than the person.

Animals in Sport Animals began to be directly involved in the sports created by the person for a long time. The most known is, of course, horse jumps. Here both abilities of the horse, and skills of the equestrian are important that in a combination can lead to the victory. There are also other sports connected with animals: battles with bulls in Spain, apparently, were always, a rat race, cockroach races, various fights, cock, dog and many others.

Animals in Sport People watch animals long ago, and quite often we are surprised by poses in which they can be also in everyday life, and in the attack. Therefore we began to adopt them and to learn to do the same. Great masters began to add more unusually than a pose to the arts to become stronger, more graceful and are more hardy. For this reason, for example, in yoga there are exercises with the names "pose of a cat" or "pose of a snake", and in martial arts there are poses of an eagle, a mantis and even a dragon though people for certain did not see dragons, but read much about them though who knows the truth.

Animals have no goal-setting and reason therefore all their actions are dictated by instincts, they will never worry on the subject of how they look and that will think of them. They just do that it is necessary to them: warm up, train the muscles, wash. Therefore they are always sure of themselves and have a large supply of energy. Perhaps, it also led to what experts advise since morning well will stretch in a bed, animals quite so do, it brings good mood, forces and energy.

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