• Mar 12, 2019


The huge counter in the center of London shows how many animals kill in Great Britain for the sake of food.

The famous activists vegans Mathew Glover and Jane Lend initiated the campaign Vegan Million Dollar which essence in convincing people to replace a diet: to begin to eat vegetable food instead of meat.

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Vegans are sure that, having changed food, people will become kinder and is more sympathetic to each other. Also the refusal of meat will well affect the state of health.

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All actions of vegans are directed to drawing attention of society to sufferings of animals. To show to what torments lead human desires.

For this purpose on one of the central streets of London the big screen on which the quantity of the animals killed in Great Britain in order that they became food is in real time counted was installed.


And figures shock. Counting is conducted since the beginning of year, and data are estimated not in hundreds and even not thousands, but millions … any more

Mathew Glover, Jane Lend and their colleagues appealed also to the Pope Francis for the period of the Lent to refuse meat food, and to pass to products of plant origin. In exchange activists promise to transfer one million dollars to the account of any charitable organization what he will choose.

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And what do you think of veganism and meat-eating? And whether the Lent a starting point on the way of refusal of food of animal origin can become?

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