• Oct 1, 2019

We continue to study the history of animals in logos of alcoholic beverages. The second five of the companies which chose as an emblem of dumb animals.

Dalmore: a logo for rescue of the king dalmor cognac

Elite Dalmore Scotch whisky – one of the most expensive in the world. In 1867 the plant passed to Mackenzie's family thanks to which the signature logo – a royal deer with dozen of shoots on horns appeared.
B the leader of clan Mackenzie went 1263 to hunting with the king of Scotland Alexander III. During hunting for the monarch the deer rushed. From all being present only Mackenzie did not become puzzled also with shout of "Cuidich 'n' Righ" that in translation from Gaelic – "Store the King", from onions killed an animal. In gratitude for rescue the king spared lives to clan the right to use the image of a royal deer with 12 shoots on horns as the coat of arms which decorates bottles of whisky of "Dalmore" now.

Meukow: Russian black panther meukow cognac

Very few people know that the French cognac house of "Meukow" has the Russian roots. It was based by order of Alexander II by the brothers Meukov delivering alcoholic beverages to an imperial table. The new brand appeared in 1862, and soon any imperial reception did not do without fragrant drink.

Though the company appeared one and a half centuries ago, its logo – a panther in a jump, was created only in 1993. Michel Kost looked for a symbol which would become reflection of all qualities distinguishing drink from other cognacs. So there was a black panther symbolizing the fortress, a subtlety of taste and softness for which Meukow cognacs are famous.

Russian Standard: Russian traditions vodka Russian Standard

On a logo of vodka two symbols which are traditionally associated with Russia are represented: imperial eagle and bear.
Since Petrovsky times up to 1917 the coat of arms of the Russian Empire and its imperial house was a two-headed eagle. In 1993 it became the country coat of arms again. In turn a bear – an animal symbol of Russia. Having chosen as a logo of an eagle and a bear, the Russian Standard company wants to emphasize commitment to traditions and determination to become the best in the market.

GatoNegro: a black cat on good luck gato negro wine

According to a legend of the company the black cat living in vineyards fascinated the wine maker, and her presence inspired on production of amazing wines. Since then the cat is "person" of the company, good luck symbol. To share its magic, the producer placed it on a logo. Now it brings good luck to people worldwide, each two seconds open three bottles of the Chilean GatoNegro wine in one of 80 countries where it is delivered.

Glenfiddich: family traditions gleniddich whisky

Today the Glenfiddich plant – one of not numerous, remaining in full family possession. Its history began in 1886 when Scot William Grant, 20 years the best whisky dreaming to make in the valley, began to realize the dream. Only year later the distillery was constructed, and on Christmas of 1887 the first drop of whisky fell. The plant received the name "Glenfiddich" that on Gaelic is meant by "the valley of a deer".
the Old logo of the company, the deer with branchy horns, in 2014 underwent some changes. With the purpose to emphasize the bonus status of drink, the young deer with 8 shoots was replaced with a royal deer with 12 branches – an embodiment of courage, the power, confidence and a maturity.

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