• Oct 1, 2019

is frequent on logos of alcoholic brands animals are represented. Today in our selection the first five companies behind which emblems the interesting story is concealed.

Bacardi: el ron del murciélago

Bacardi logo

In 1862 Facundo Bacardi presented to the world white rum, easy and soft to taste. After the first party alcoholic drink gained unprecedented popularity, and for the first time rum was taken by society. by
to make drink recognizable, it was necessary to choose the memorable logo. It was offered by Facundo's wife, once having seen under a roof of distillery of bats. The mouse was the brilliant decision. First, they pollinate a harvest of a sugar cane – the main ingredient and also destroy wreckers. Secondly, both in native Catalonia Bacardi's families, and in Cuba, a bat – good luck symbol. Thirdly, most of consumers of rum of that time were not able to read, but perfectly remembered the mouse who is burned out on a flank and then "el ron del murciélago" or "rum of a bat" ordered.

Jägermeister: two versions, one truth

Curt Mast, the creator of liqueur, the huntsman) chose as the name the word "jägermeister" (German, as he itself was an inveterate hunter.
the Logo of the Jägermeister liqueur, a deer with a cross in branchy horns – obvious reference to a religious subject. Perhaps, you sometime heard from one of friends after couple of liqueur glasses of tincture that in a logo the phrase "Holy Christ mine is ciphered!".
In English a phrase sounds as "Oh dear God", at the same time word-play as "dear" is conformable to the word "deer" — a deer is mixed here.
However this version is wrong. Actually a logo – graphic retelling of a legend of Saint Gubert – the patron of hunters. According to the legend, in youth Gubert differed in bloodthirstiness and hunted even on Sundays until he met in the forest of a white deer with the flaring cross between branchy horns once. Since then Gubert devoted himself to pious affairs under a banner of a deer and later was brought to the level of Saints.

Wild Turkey: bourbon and friends have to be old

logo of wild turkey whisky

As well as many ideas in this world, the Wild Turkey bourbon (English, wild turkey) is result of libations in the company of good friends. In 1940 Thomas McCarthy, the managing director of the alcoholic beverage plant, went to hunt to wild turkeys in the company of friends. With itself(himself) it took couple of trial samples of bourbon with a strength of 50.5%. Men so liked drink that after they constantly asked to send "bourbon of a wild turkey". Soon on counters the Wild Turkey c bourbon a turkey as a logo appeared.

Cockspur: "cock" rum

logo of fine rum rum

Thanks to the Danish seaman Valdemar Hansshell who settled on Barbados in 1884 was born Cockspur rum (English, a spur of a rooster). As a logo the combative rooster as cockfights on this island – in some way sports tradition was chosen. As well as 125 years ago, today a colourful symbol – invariable attribute of actions of a brand and shower of all parties.

The Famous Grouse: royal choice

logo of famous grouse whisky

the Brand of The Famous Grouse Scotch whisky what we know it today appeared in 1905 when the word "Famous" (English, well-known) was added to already existing "The Grouse" (English, a partridge) in view of high popularity of drink. The bird was chosen by an emblem as in Scotland a red partridge – the main subject to hunting. And still it is a rare species which is found only in this region that has something in common with the idea of exclusiveness of drink. The Famous Grouse whisky is well-known that it is delivered for the British monarch.
To be continued …

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