• Jan 22, 2019

Both in the company of people, and in fauna there are those who much more are ahead of others in any parameter. There are champions on the weight, growth, physical capacities and, of course, on sexual abilities. Many sexual giants occur among dumb animals. Zoologists made top-5 animals with sexual records.

Top of 5 Animals with Sexual Records

Champions on coition duration

It is natural that if animals had no sexual relations, then they would stop the existence long ago. But records of sex life of some of our fellows on the planet are known to not everyone. Collected improbable data on dumb animals will help to learn, what representatives of fauna are capable of . Indicators of duration of sexual intercourses at animals very much differ among themselves.

Most Longer Snakes Have Sex.

Strangely enough, but the superiority in this area belongs not to mammals at all. So, the dog gives to sex of all about half an hour, and the humanoid chimpanzee and that is less — minutes twenty.

It is surprising that most longer snakes have sex. The average duration of their sexual games is recorded on a mark from six to twelve hours. However and among reptiles there are own champions. It is about rattlesnakes whose couple is ready to copulate for 23 hours. Some scientists consider that the thorns which are on a genital of a male are the reason for that. But who knows, maybe, sex just brings to reptiles pleasure?

Pairing of Sables

As for mammals, from them most active can be considered sables with their 8-hour sexual marathon . Perfectly at the same time the male who during this time eyakulirovat several times feels.

The little the Australian echidnas lag behind sables. At the same time the most part of their sex is occupied by a prelude. The male caresses a female about 4 hours. Gentle strokings bring her to a condition of a trance then the male passes to active actions, beginning sexual intercourse. This process lasts 3 hours.

the shortest copulation of animals

Having remembered the most long sexual intercourse, it is necessary to think of the one which of fauna was lucky least of all and who spends for sex only a few seconds. can "brag" of This :

  • bulls;
  • deer;
  • rams.

The little longer the copulation of horses lasting only several minutes. Even giants of the world of mammals — whales — give to sex from 30 seconds to one minute.

Copulation of Horses

In the world of insects who and so practically always copulate on the fly to sex are given only several seconds .

Egyptian Thorny Mice

Not quality, but quantity males of the Egyptian thorny mice take the sexual partners. For one hour they copulate nearly 100 times. At the same time each of acts separately proceeds only several seconds.

Here such interesting sex life at dumb animals. Probably, it is good that the person, being at top of creation, follows the rule of golden mean in sex . And to anything to it to catch up on duration of rattlesnakes or, on the contrary, to combat on advancing mosquitoes or the Australian mice. In sex that the main thing? That to partners it was good together.

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