• Aug 14, 2019
On the platform dogs, pieces eight, and the same number of teenagers – were engaged from about 12 to 16 years in

. The instructor skillfully sent this commotion to the necessary course, and work went accurately as hours: the most different exercises replaced each other …

At first sight – ordinary class in training, anything special. If not to know that these dogs, all to one – negative, and a little from them are literally pulled out from the room of euthanasia. Some – from shelters or directly from the street.

With children too not everything is simple: each of them met difficulties and misunderstanding at school and at home. Here children helped to socialize dogs and to find him the new house. And slowly, it is imperceptible even for itself thawed, made friends, learned to live in this difficult world. But there was one more thing which did occupations special …

 Children train dogs of a photo
On a photo: children train dogs

Animaloterapiya: real miracle?

The feature of these occupations seen by me consisted that the only method which was considered accepted as concerning dogs here so concerning children – a positive reinforcement. Only this way and in any way differently. Because it is that way which not only is effective, but also can return to both children, and dogs belief that this world does not consist of only one evil, so, they have no need to accumulate the evil in soul.

So I for the first time saw what is an animaloterapiya in operation. Saw and almost forgot …

Some, quite long a time later, I painfully deliberated over a very daunting question: what a subject to choose for master. That and it is not really boring, and it is not worn out, and … Just then we were given access to all electronic English-language scientific libraries, and in one of filings absolutely accidentally came across article about a technique of training of children with features of development to reading with the help … dogs. It became interesting. Began to pump over what in general the mankind reached in respect of use in therapeutic process of dumb animals, and dug out the whole well. The issue with a subject was resolved by itself.

Then there was a practical component: a dolphinarium, three ippoterapevticheky clubs with absolutely different techniques, the film logical center, even birds, rabbits and mice, a heap of an interview and tests …

Very long I stayed in the sheer admiration. Because really works! If to look only from the point of view of the person – just invaluable way.

However when euphoria from personally felt results (really tremendous) fell down a little, the price question began to puzzle.

 Dolphin therapy of a photo
On a photo: dolphin therapy — a kind of an animaloterapiya

Animaloterapiya: price question

The first dolphin therapy came under fire. Here everything is difficult. It helps. But the problem is that dolphins are not adapted for life in dolphinariums at all. Because it the closed spaces, and you represent that such closed space of small volume for a being who is guided by means of echolocation? If you have an ability though for a moment to get into others skin and some share of imagination – can present. And the chlorinated pool is not the same as the ocean. And the dolphin is even not simply animal, this other living being who on intelligence does not concede to the person, and on feelings and even less so … Very much, it would be very desirable that everything was harmless and iridescent, but it is a pity for dolphins …

And value? If to consider the fact that communication with other animals yields result at all not worse.

With horses and dogs it is simpler. They can derive pleasure from such communication. And the maximum effect can be reached by only and when this pleasure mutual.

But for this purpose one indispensable condition is necessary. The animal has to have a choice – an opportunity to leave contact and to return. At any time. When it needs it.

Why it is better for animals – clear. Communication is not simple for the sake of communication, and with the therapeutic purpose – business intense and awful energy-intensive: even people who work in this sphere have a limit, at everyone the. At its excess there is what is called burning out. Very unpleasant piece. If it happens – further advantage to the client any, and to the therapist, be he biped or four-footed – one harm, here to him to be treated just right. But people are responsible for themselves because they can make decisions. And animals to tell that they reached a limit can only in one way – having left contact.

A as is better for people?
 Animaloterapiya of a photo
On a photo: a kanisterapiya — a kind of an animaloterapiya

Animaloterapiya: to cooperate it is impossible to force?

We dealt with animals. But why cooperation, but not coercion is also only possible option for clients – children and adults?

You watch what turns out. Why the animaloterapiya is effective? I do not take physiological effect of riding into account: communication of the children having cerebral palsy with dogs yields the same result, and sometimes and the best though on dogs as you understand, do not ride. Means, it is not riding in itself, in any case, it is not the main component. The leading part should be assigned here to what is called "psycho". And then everything becomes more or less clear.

With animals it is often banal to communicate more simply, at least, to children, and this communication in itself is a serious incentive. Animals give that it is often difficult to receive from people, especially that, who has problems. This unconditional acceptance (which does not depend on appearance, money, the social status, religious affiliation, views, etc.) – you are loved for the fact that you are. To children with features especially important. It is empathy – ability to empathy (not pity, but ability to understand and share your relevant feelings that is called to get into your skin). It is need for unambiguous accurate actions of you. And it is so definite definite answer on that, what are you doing, honest and not distorted by social conventions. If you do to a dog unpleasantly – she will be discharged or will depart, but will not pull an affected smile, pretending that nothing happened. If you in every possible way bring pleasant things – she will wag a tail and to smile quite sincerely. They have no double bottom.

But even if they are discharged, at them gets wisdom to return, that is they can take out a negative of you and at the same time not collapse, not throw you and not to declare the complete scoundrel. You can be mistaken – and to correct an error, and you are accepted again.

Certainly, all this is possible only at the correct selection of four-footed therapists. For this reason in the serious organizations very carefully select horses and dogs, very long prepare and in every possible way care for their emotional wellbeing, giving the chance of the choice and rest. Not only for the sake of humanity as it is possible to think (though without it and anywhere), but also for the sake of banal efficiency.

 Animaloterapiya of a photo

And if the animal has no choice, he can teach the client only to one: the help can be received if to force another (not very well, a horse it, a dog or the person) to render it. Not to ask, not to try to do interaction with this another pleasant, not to cooperate – and it is banal to force. Simple exit. But … I do not think that you would like the similar relation from someone's party, unless not so?

And one more. Only if the animal has real choice, there is an opportunity to exclude cases when the therapeutic dog bites "patient" or the horse throws off the child, and then very much beats it with hind legs. Because burning out – it such, unpleasant.

The person – a being reasonable. And I still believe that we are capable to choose the best of possible, including asking for the help those whom we indulgently call "smaller brothers".

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