• Jul 24, 2020

pets full family members. And scientists conducted researches more than once to understand what role of animals in creation and maintenance of family wellbeing. So, what role pets in our families play?

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In a research families in the USA (Cain, 1985) respondents spoke about a role of animals in various periods of the life. The majority (68%) was noted that animals were extremely are important during the periods of grief, loneliness or depression. In addition, 52% emphasized, that animals played an important role during a disease or in case of the death of friends and family members. A half of owners noted that their animals were also important in time of family crises, such as divorce.

In another research (Voith, 1985) 99% from 1500 respondents spoke about the animals as about family members, and more than 90% believed that animals feel a state owners.

Such results allow to draw a conclusion that daily interaction with animals in family to situation deserves serious consideration.

voith surveyed owners of various animals also put forward the interesting theory an explanation long relationship between people and animals. voith assumed that as close ties different types in natural to wednesday are very widespread presence within one family can be favorable. wild nature warn friend about danger. human house while quiet it is possible make conclusion everything goes well there no means we anxious less not necessary for us all time show vigilance.

Others researchers studied influence of animals on functioning and dynamics of family and found out that animals increase adaptability of family (Cox, 1993) and reduce a stress during life cycles of family (Davis, 1991). Such conclusions support hypothesis of Voith of rather salutary role of animals.

For some people animals are the only family members. By means of observations and an interview on streets and in the Kidd and Kidd parks (1994) studied advantage of animals for homeless people and found strong attachment to animals from their party. Attachment to animal it was so big that the homeless often did not come to shelters, not accepting animals.

Researchers established that animals play a large role in physical and psychological wellbeing of owners. One more research of homeless people and their animals carried out Singer, Hart and Zasloff (1995). They asked the homeless a question about desirable shelter, and more than 90% told that housing in which it is impossible to keep animals, does not arrange them. The author assumed that though vagrancy in the companies of an animal it is connected with many difficulties and responsibility, animals help to soften a stress. Results of this research are emphasized by importance creations of shelters in which people could live together with animals.

About animals constantly tell as about important family members, but though many services on everything to the world help the people affected by natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, tornado and storm, animals often do not save. In the USA, for example, was case when the victims of a hurricane were left on a roadside because they refused to throw the favourites, and as a result some of them died.

However scientists investigated parting consequences with animals, and thanks to it began introduction of policy of rescue of animals together with owners. Plans of saving operations in some regions of the USA began to include regulations on rescue animals.

To emphasize importance of animals as family members, personnel of hospitals was asked whether there will be they in hospital not in the change to help during natural disasters. Though in the beginning less than 30% answered positively, then 50% told that they remained if their families were with them, and 90% told that they would remain if them animals were too there (Ferguson, 1997).

Karen Allen, medical faculty, State the university of New York in Buffalo

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