• Aug 14, 2019

Pets — the hobby is not simple. Each of them, both a cheerful puppy, and an independent cat, and a fluffy hamster, gives a set of the joyful moments and plays an important role in family life.

 an animal - the family member

the Animal — the family member

Animals are very important in education of children. On our website you can find of 5 reasons to get an animal for the child .

But, besides invaluable advantage as tutors and friends of your offsprings, animals can improve the relations between all family members. Discussing issues of care of the favourite or telling each other about amusing tricks of animals, you unite. What to tell about fascinating joint walks!

However you remember that communication with pets — not replacement to human relationship. You should not get animals if you do not love them. Animals are beautiful, but they — not the most important in family life.

How to choose animals

  • Well consider everything. The pet will lodge in your house for years therefore it is extremely important that yours with it relationship was warm.

  • Before buying an animal, study information on it. Consult with manufacturers, veterinarians and other owners of animals. They can tell you about what do not write in books and the Internet.

  • Consider breed and the animal size, lifestyle of your family and the area of the house — you should find for the new member of household time and to allocate the personal place.

  • The age of your child is also important. School students are already more responsible in questions of care of animals therefore, perhaps, it is worth waiting until the child grows up.

 Animals are different. How it is correct to choose the pet?

Safety of communication with animals: 6 important rules

  1. Never leave small children alone with dogs!

  2. Surely train a dog in the main teams.

  3. Do not allow the child to approach an unfamiliar dog, to treat roughly any animals or to disturb pets at meal time or a dream.

  4. The child of school age can clean a murlyka toilet, but do not allow to do it to the kid.

  5. You should not let a cat in the nursery if there the baby. A fluffy — not the suitable nurse for the sleeping baby.

  6. If the pet bit or scratched someone, immediately process wounds an anti-septic tank.

 Safe communication of the child and dog

How to tell the child about the death of an animal and to help to cope with loss

Loss of the favourite causes grief and depression. Your task — to support the child to help to endure loss. Consider that the grief can last long. Do not try to accelerate process or to reproach the child for tears.

4 rules will help also you, and to the child to cope with loss:

  1. If the animal is incurably sick, prepare children. Discuss (and allow the child to participate in discussion) what will occur then. The child has to realize that there are things not subject to it. This frightening opening, but uncertainty can frighten even more.

  2. Share own grief. Can be much more painful to your child if you do not divide his experience or you wave away: nonsense, pier.

  3. Organize a funeral ceremony, and let children take part in planning. They can also create a memorial (a small memorial stone or a collage from favourite photos). It is impossible to overestimate importance of a ritual of farewell for final parting and overcoming a grief.

  4. You do not hurry to take other animal at once. Nothing terrible if the place of the left favourite any time stays unoccupied.

 Child and aging dog

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