• Sep 20, 2019
72-year-old British Stephen doubted recently the prudence when understood that things in its shed for the morning look at all not as it left them in the evening. Paper clips, nails and other trifles not just moved, but were accurately put in a container for storage.
shed, spare parts, mouse, grandfather, lawn-mower
photo: boredpanda.com
to make sure that all this does not seem to it, one night Stephen completely devastated a container and scattered fine details on all table. In the morning, as expected, all things were put in a container. In the shed the poltergeist precisely was active, and Stephen intended to learn precisely who is he.
by means of the neighbor hunter who shared the tracking camera on a table established a photo trap which had to depict the guest.
mouse, rodent, shed, video camera
photo: boredpanda.com
However nobody expected that it will be such darling: the baby mouse moved things …. It seems that she comes to work approximately since midnight till 2:30 every night for a month.
rodent, details, mouse, shooting, video
photo: boredpanda.com
Stephen called
a hardworking mouse "Metal Mickey":
"Never before saw mice who construct a nest from metal objects. It is surprising. And it continues to do it further".
Here such here small amateur poltergeist of tacks.
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