• Jan 16, 2020

B 2014 a baby squirrel Tingting fell from the rooftop, was very strongly wounded. Back mother did not want to accept it.

Photo: tintinthesquirrel.com
Тогда the person by the name of Dien Andersen undertook rescue. He did one and a half months to a baby squirrel of bandaging. Also the cat of Koko who began to lick and warm a baby squirrel at once was actively connected to a rescue operation.
Photo: tintinthesquirrel.com
Сейчас Tingting is healthy and very not bad settled in the house at the savior: it has favourite toys, own training complex and a nest.
Photo: tintinthesquirrel.com Dien's
thought that after recovery the baby squirrel will return to the wild nature. But it became clear that Tingting does not wish to come back there. Having remained one on open spaces, he feels panic. To it and in the house at the person not bad. In addition it has an own cat.
Photo: tintinthesquirrel.com
Photo: tintinthesquirrel.com
Внимание! Squirrels are bad candidates for pets. They are not SUITABLE for house contents. The case with Tingting is extremely rare.
Instragram with video about Tingting: https://www.instagram.com/tintin_the_squirrel/
Сайт Tingting's baby squirrel: http://tintinthesquirrel.com/
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