• Jan 23, 2020

the 7-year-old blind dog of Milan has the best in the world family now. And the loyal friend — the 15-year-old girl Aida helps to accustom to a tail to new comfortable conditions.

We wrote about the history of unusual friendship between the girl Aida and a charity dog by Milan not so long ago. Worried together with the child, rejoiced and proud of it when she made such adult and considered decision – allowed a favourite dog to become a house tail.

Photo: instagram.com/milan_milysik
the Decision was given to Aida not simply. She long cried and did not want to release a doggie in any way. But then after all understood: it will be so better. At Milan, blind and already elderly dog, appeared, perhaps, the last chance to find family.
I if so turns out that to itself it cannot take away a canine friend why deprive of a doggie of an opportunity to become happy. Besides, new owners of Milan were at all not against the girl and a dog continued to be on friendly terms.

Photo: instagram.com/milan_milysik
A at Milan, according to Aida, now all abruptly. The hostess regularly washes a doggie with shampoo, combs out. And he became the real handsome man. In family there live three more tails, and Mylan quickly enough made friends with them. The adopted child and with the child of owners found a common language, with pleasure substitutes a back and ears for caress. And also actively participates in a game of tag and fidgets.
Still very much Mylan wants to taste
Sheldon's polecat. When that is let out from a cage to take a walk, the dog aims to hunt on him. But the hostess forbids to do it, and Mylan should obey.

Photo: instagram.com/milan_milysik
A on days off of a doggie Aida visits. Always brings many vkusnyashka, sometimes entertainments for Milan transfer also employees of a shelter where he lived.
As before, the girl and a dog with pleasure go for a long walk. Near the new house of Milan the wood is located. And it is so exciting to go there. What there snow beauty! It is possible and be worn, and in snowballs to play. And after – friends go on the dog platform, train, study teams.

Photo: instagram.com/milan_milysik
By the way, in the closest plans of friends to learn five new teams and to learn to go by the bus that it was possible to leave to walk to the downtown. It is so exciting to learn new together!

Photo: instagram.com/milan_milysik

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