• Feb 2, 2019

the LED raincoat will help a dog to return to the owner. Dog breeders will be able shortly not to worry about the pets. The group of Party Nick developers presented the project of unusual clothes for dogs. It will be possible to operate a novelty through a special application, the name "Dicko-dog" established on the smartphone and received .

Led a raincoat will help a dog to return to the owner

Such name is thought up because the dress in night-time will shine the poured electronic fires .

Extraordinary vestments will please both the animal owner, and passersby. But the novelty is not limited to these functions.

there Is a number of practical advantages which will be estimated by any dog breeder.

Led a raincoat for dogs

For example, in twilight, in the evening or even at night the shining raincoat will not allow to lose from a type of the pet. In similar vestments the four-footed pet is more noticeable for drivers on the road that he reduces risk of an animal to be brought down.

For a case when the pet was lost, is provided the Lost dog function.

it is enough to Person to send a signal, and on an animal will appear:

How to Install the Led Application a Raincoat

  • A running line with information that the favourite was lost.
  • The notification with coordinates for communication with the owner.

Is an opportunity to establish this function in the automatic mode. In this case it will work if the animal departs further the safe distance recorded in the program.

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