• Nov 25, 2019

the Dream came true and in the house the small clumsy miracle appeared. No matter, the puppy belongs to expensive breed or it is taken from a homeless mongrel, communication with it requires a name. Or rather, nickname. The dog will grow soon and it would be desirable that the nickname corresponded to character and appearance of the pet. It appears, there were certain rules and even the bans on nicknames for animals.


On a color

The simplest and clear choice of a nickname – on color of hair of dog. Chernysh, Kashtanka, the Squirrel, the Snowball – these nicknames described appearance of pets. The color and structure of wool of the pet give a scope for imagination and can add the description. For example, nicknames Kudryash or the Velvet will in more detail tell about how the dog looks. And at once it is clear what color a dog when his name is the Gipsy or the Raven.

On character

Of course, the character of a dog in the childhood is not strongly shown, but differences in behavior of puppies therefore someone the most bright could become Umka, and the quietest – the Taciturn person are already visible. Called also puppies on qualities which wanted to develop in a dog. For example, True or Polkan. It is unlikely the sentry dog was called the Friend, and here the Successful fellow perfectly was suitable for this service.

Reflecting identity

Old Russian nicknames displayed specific features of animals, their habits. So, the Bug or Vyyun could be the dogs who are constantly requiring attention of the owner, and the Top – very mobile or playful dog.

By the way, some dog nicknames which we consider habitual long ago came from other languages. Trezor comes from the French trésor that "treasure", and the Ball — not round as it is possible to think, and gray, from the Polish szary "shary" means.


Nicknames of hunting dogs are especially interesting. They often resembled team. Catch up, Be enough (later reduced to the Successful fellow). Verbs in an imperative mood, perhaps, were not the most successful nicknames. The hunting dog can far escape, tracking down production. To call her, the short terse name which the hunter can easily cry out even the frozen lips approaches better.

Will lock on "human" names

In ancient times names of people often were nicknames. Probably, Scanty could be both the person, and a dog. But with arrival a ban on human names for animals was gradually imposed on Russia of Christianity. This results from the fact that newborn children began to be named according to the calendar, that is behind each name was sacred. And to name a dog of the heavenly patron was considered as sacrilege.

There is also an ethical aspect in this question. Imagine the lonely lady with a doggie Maksik, probably, awkwardly by her will call a nickname of the dog when she meets the man of the dream by the name of Maxim.

And though Mashka's cows, Borki's pigs and Vaski's cats not the rarity, nevertheless is better to give to dogs dog nicknames.

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