• Mar 2, 2020
Each responsible owner, of course, wants

that his pet was it is happy. However ideas of happiness at people and animals can differ. And really to make happy the pet, it is necessary to know that it is necessary for him for wellbeing. Including to understand what is "told" by an animal. As animals can to tell about whether they are happy?

 Two dogs American an Akita play a photo of
of the Photo: pxfuel.com

One of criteria of wellbeing of animals – this their behavior. The problem behavior is always a trouble signal pet.

In particular, great way to understand whether the animal is happy – to learn to read language of his body. It is important to be able to watch the pet, how he moves and that does. Body language animals gives us the mass of useful information about health of the pet, about it perception of the world and wellbeing.

For example, we can see that the dog or cat are strained or weakened, concerned or interested, are active or apathetic – and it gives us an idea of mood and health favourite.

However it is very important to be able to interpret correctly what is "told" us by animals. And here people often make mistakes. Most of people consider animal as "little men", project on them own emotions and attribute motives which are not peculiar to animals. This phenomenon is called anthropomorphism . And is what needs to be avoided inadvertently not to do to the pet harm.

Animal is not people, and extremely it is important to be able "to decipher" language of a body of an animal of a specific type. Body language cats significantly differs from language of a body of a dog or a horse. It is piece, which needs to be studied. And if you have this knowledge, you quite can, observing for an animal to understand what emotions it experiences, so whether it is good to it in this moment.

In the last several decades scientists work hard learning to measure the level of wellbeing animals. But already now each of us, having armed with elementary knowledge of psychology of that species of animals for which cares, for language of his body, for can understand whether the favourite is happy.

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