• Aug 13, 2019

All want to be happy. But happiness – in many respects a biochemistry question. Because hormones which and call a time – "happiness hormones" are responsible for our mood and a state. But how communication with animals influences production of these hormones of happiness?

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Communication with animals and "happiness hormone" endorphin

Endorphins are very important for the person – they do his life more joyful, increase mood. If endorphins are enough, the alarm disappears, pain and a stress decreases, returns to normal blood pressure, intellectual activity improves. Endorphins help to cope with chronic fatigue and a depression.

What to do that endorphins became more? Besides, to consume the products promoting production of endorphins, it is recommended to spend time in nature and not to refuse to itself physical activities. And what, how not walks with a dog or communication with a favourite horse – the best way to actively spend time in the fresh air?

 the Horse kisses the person of a photo

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Communication with animals and "pleasure hormone" serotonin

Thanks to serotonin, we get rid of melancholy, we become emotionally steady, our powers of thinking improve. If there is not enough serotonin, the person becomes despondent, behaves is slowed down, gets stuck on trifles.

What to do to increase production of serotonin? First of all, the physical activity, at least foot walks, and still – fresh air will help. And again we come back to walks with a dog!

Besides, production of serotonin is increased by occupation favourite business. So communication with the favourite pet (and any) – a great way to become happier!

Communication with animals and "interest hormone" dopamine

Development in a human body of dopamine is "prize" for the achieved objectives when we have satisfaction from the fact that we made. Besides, dopamine is responsible for existence of interest, inquisitiveness, aspiration to learn new and motivation.

What to do to increase production of dopamine? To do favorite thing and to study new – the fact that it is interesting to you. And it is interesting to all fans of animals to learn something brand new about pets, unless is not present?

Communication with animals and "attachment hormone" oxytocin

Oxytocin is responsible for decrease in alarm, emergence of content and tranquility near other being. And still oxytocin promotes pleasure, formation of attachment, reduction of fear and increase in trust.

 the Woman embraces a dog of a photo

Photo: pixabay.com

What does it have to do with animals? The matter is that results of researches proved that when they the person and a dog look in the face each other, oxytocin level at both increases. Also development of oxytocin increases if we play with the pet or we embrace him. And during communication with animals of people relaxes more, than when reading the interesting book.

So communicate with pets – and be happy!

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