• Oct 20, 2018

As Cats Appeared on the Earth Cats and cats are the most popular pets. On light there are more than 50 cat's breeds, and the first ancestor of cat's appeared about 12 million years ago. Egyptians esteemed these animals and treated them, as a shrine. Egypt is considered to be the homeland of cats as there the most ancient burials in which together with the person this animal lay nearby were found. But scientists have no unambiguous opinion on how cats appeared on the earth.

Popular theories of origin

There are several versions of origin of cats, and some of them have scientific justification. The most ancient cat it is considered to be проаилурус. She lived about 30 million years ago and weighed 10 — 11 kg.

Psevdelurus is an ancestor of two branches of family: saber-toothed cats and group of cat's, lived 20 — 8 million years ago. The lynx appeared about 3 million years ago, a puma — 2.5 million, and a lion — 700 thousand years.

the Territory of dwelling of subspecies cat's. About 10 thousand years ago the group of saber-toothed became extinct for the reason not clear still. Perhaps, it happened because of disappearance of beings whom saber-toothed predators ate.

The European wild cats appeared several millions years ago. They still live in the territory of Africa and Eurasia. The Libyan cat is a progenitress of pets. Though it and wild, but mild and friendly in relation to people.

The person initially hunted these animals to get to itself meat and fur stocks, but over time people found out that animals successfully finish with mice and rats who eat grain crops. concerning domestication exists two versions:

  • For the first time the cat became house about 8 thousand years ago in Africa.
  • It happened in Egypt 5 thousand years ago.

Bible version

According to a legend, the first cat appeared on an ark at Nov . It occurred after the beginning of the Flood. When Noah's Ark floated on water, on it such quantity of rodents divorced that it became threat for all other animals.

Ache did not know what to do, and asked for the help a lion. The king of beasts several times sneezed and the cat and a cat got out of his nostrils. According to this version of a cat became saviors of mankind.

Scientific view

In terms of science, predators arose on the earth during resettlement of mammals. It occurred 60 million years ago. Miatsida were the first representatives. They had external similarities to a marten and lived on high trees.

Small mammal kreodonta appeared a little later, but through 25 million years died out as were not adapted for severe climatic conditions.

Egyptians and cats

Egyptians In Egypt the special cult of cats existed. Egyptians represented the goddess Bastet who was the embodiment of female beauty and wisdom in the form of the girl from a-headed cat. To this goddess built the temple of 300 meters in which there was a big statue of Bastet.

In the sacred building there lived thousands of cats whom the Supreme priest looked after. Solemn rites and ceremonies were regularly carried out.

At each Egyptian family in the house there lived a pet and the death of the fluffy favourite for family members was the present tragedy. People were cut налысо and completely shaved off eyebrows as a sign of mourning. Bodies of the dead embalmed and stacked in the gold boxes inlaid with gemstones.

During the fire in the house first of all from the flaring building took out cats, and then residents escaped. For those who mocked at sacred animals the heavy penalty was prepared, and the murderer of cats was sentenced to death.

As There Were Cats on Light of Animals was strictly forbidden to be taken out for the territory of Egypt , but some seamen took them with themselves on the vessel in order that cats finished with rats by the ship. So these animals began to extend all over the world. The first animal appeared in Europe approximately in the 6th century B.C.

In the territory of Russia cats appeared much later — in the VI—VII centuries AD. At first they were considered as a big rarity and their theft or murder were equated to serious crime and cruelly punished.

In the modern world there are more than 400 million cats of various breeds and colors therefore it is difficult to believe in the scientific version of origin from one being.

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